Good programming language frameworks make it easy to produce quality products faster. Great frameworks even make the whole development experience enjoyable. FastAPI is a new Python web framework that’s powerful and enjoyable to use. The following features make FastAPI worth trying:

  • Speed: FastAPI is one of the fastest Python web frameworks. In fact, its speed is at par with Node.js and Go. Check these performance tests.
  • Detailed and easy-to-use developer docs
  • Type hint your code and get free data validation and conversion.
  • Create plugins easily using dependency injection.

Building a TODO App

To explore the big ideas behind FastAPI, let’s build a TODO app, which sets up to-do lists for its users. Our tiny app will provide the following features:

  • Signup and Login
  • Add new TODO item
  • Get a list of all TODOs
  • Delete/Update a TODO item


Build High-performing Apps with Python – A FastAPI Tutorial
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