Many of the latest technology trends have evolved this year and will continue to evolve in coming times. The biggest technology trend is in the IoT sphere owing to the buzz around artificial intelligence, and even on machine learning, Tech experts are keen to leverage various IoT applications and hope that the future will be full of tools and technologies that will constitute smart homes and networked climate controls. The future is nearly here when appliances and utilities will consume less energy and will boast of better security. There are multiple trends in the IoT sphere that will matter soon.

Certain IoT products have gained huge momentum in the tech market, especially smart locks, home thermostats, smartphone-controlled appliances and even smart refrigerators. One cannot expect the deluge of tech products that will be connected to the smartphone for better control. Before adding IoT applications to a business or investing in the domain, it is important to pay attention to key trends that will affect forthcoming years.

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Top IoT Trends that are Going to Create a Flutter in 2017
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