If you want to learn data science, there are many resources out there for you to learn data science. Since the demand for learning data science is high, there are thousands of data science courses, books, libraries to help beginners to get into the field.

This is wonderful because you don’t need to figure everything out yourself. But this also comes with the cons that you become overwhelmed with the resources out there and don’t know where to start.

Even for those who are familiar with some data science concepts, many people still feel that they are beginners and try to take more courses to master all the concepts and technologies.

If your goal is to master all concepts and tools in data science, you will never get there.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What you might want instead is to have the relevant knowledge to gain insights from the data you are working on and deliver desirable results for your company. That goal is achievable and this article will show you how to keep yourself updated on what matters to you.

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How not to be Overwhelmed with Data Science
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