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Using Firebase push notification we can send a message and information to one or multiple devices.
Manage groups and send messages to a group.
For the implementation of this service in your laravel project then follow the Below steps

  1. Register Firebase Account
    In the first step, you have to go to the Firebase Console and Register your account.
    • Create a new project.
    • Add Your project name
    • Give the web app a name, then click next and you will get your config like this.
    • Add this information in your environment(.env) file.
    • Now you have to get server key from firebase console setting page as like below screenshot:
    • Add this server key in your environment(.env) file
  2. Implementation in Project
    • Create a page for the user and take a message field for send a message from notification.
    • Create Function in GlobalHelper for use globally in your project.
    GCM function for IOS
    • FCM function for Android

• Now you can use these two functions in any controller file of your project.
• Create Function in your controller file for send notification using device token of users.
• Then send a notification from the given form.

How to Implement Firebase Web Push Notification in Laravel
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