What are the Features for Cash App Clone Development?

Features are the real building blocks of a peer-to-peer payment app like Cash App. Adding essential features in your app makes your app worth using. You should have those features that any p2p payment app gives to its users. So here we mention some basic features that help you in making your app more attractive and worth using.

Unique ID/OTP
This feature is the best security feature to safeguard the transactions of your users. A different ID or OTP is the necessity to get recorded with the app and start any transaction. Third-party SDKs like Twilio, Firebase, Digimiles, Nexmo are utilized to secure this feature.

E-Wallet Support
You can predict which transaction medium or wallet is used by customers for transactions. The user will utilize any type of digital wallet transaction by connecting it with a debit/credit card or any other wallet; hence make your app supportable to all e-wallet transactions. In short, install different payment gateways.

Push Notifications and Messaging
It is important to notify your users about their transactions. You must give them information about when the payment has been debited from the sender’s account and when the payment has been received into the recipient’s account. With the use of push notifications, you are also able to give notifications about your app like what is new in your app and more. You should check the Top 13 Push Notification Tools to boost mobile app engagement.

This is the trending feature that many apps like the Cash app use for supporting advanced functionality. This is a virtual assistant that helps users to solve their problems by connecting them with technical supporters. This will give your users real-time assistance that helps in solving their problems.

Secure Transaction
The users will keep their personal information like name, DOB, account particulars, credit/debit card details, payee account data, and so forth. Hence, it is your responsibility to give secure transactions to every esteemed customer.

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