We live in a world where proficiency in one’s department of work is very necessary, especially in the tech realm in order to be successful. The same formula of proficiency applies to the process of mobile app and web development as the rapidly changing tech environment is very ruthless and gives very little margin for error.

React Native app development is one such JavaScript framework that provides better library and design options to help the mobile app developers and designers to build apps that comprehends the needs of the modern world. Enterprises and business organizations these days seek better user experience and multi-platform functionality. This not only makes their product a ‘crowd favorite’ but also helps them to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Before the arrival of React Native, the concept of creating multi-platform apps was a ‘distant dream’ of many of the businesses. But as React Native app development allows reuse of most of the codes, it becomes easier for the best mobile app developers to make state-of-the-art mobile apps.

Advantages of React Native development
The popularity of any framework depends on the variety of services they provide and the case of React Native development is no different.

Below are some of the benefits of React Native technology that has helped it to become so popular.

Community driven
React Native is an open-source framework, and like many other open-source platforms, it is highly community-driven and has a large pool of expert developers to get advice from. There is a GitHub React Native community that helps app developers to find solutions to their queries and be more productive by using React Native for app development.

Other than the GitHub community, the mobile app developers can use the large chat server Reactiflux where the developers can have solid work discussions and get more profound in their art.

Tried and trusted
React Native is a reliable framework that has been used by many leading organizations worldwide for a number of years now. Moreover, the framework offers a ‘hot reloading’ or ‘live reloading’ feature that allows the developers to view the changes in real-time. Thus, the app developers can save their time in going back and forth to view the changes and speed up the mobile app development process.

Enterprise mobility React Native technology aids in increasing the speed of publishing as well as updating the app at the app store.

Highly flexible
React Native uses an interface that makes it easier for a number of skilled mobile app developers to assemble and begin the work from where the previous person has left. As the flexibility within the dedicated development team increases, the process of mobile app upgrades and updates also becomes seamless and well synchronized. Along with the top mobile app development team, the flexible nature of the React Native platform creates a pleasant scenario for the Quality Analyst team to implement their testing scenario in an easier manner.

The flexible nature of the framework allows the experienced react native app developers to plan the app development process in a better manner and thus saves time and money for your organization. This is one of the reasons why the React Native framework is a preferred choice of global leaders in technology.

No compromise on performance
The applications that are built through React Native aren’t just like any other website or mobile application. The applications are very fast as the programming language is optimized for mobile devices. The React Native apps instead of using just the traditional CPU also takes optimal advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) and produce extraordinary performance.

Thus, after getting awed by the advantages, let us see how the leading organizations used React Native development to the core and excelled in their business.

Renowned businesses that use React Native App Development as a Technology
The origin of React Native framework was Facebook’s hackathon project which was conducted to satisfy the company’s needs. The social media giant wanted to bring all the qualities of web development into mobile which would be developed by a single team, thus React Native came into existence.


After including the React Native framework, the speed of the events dashboard startup has doubled up. In addition to this, many advancements were possible at the framework level of Facebook. The advancements done at the framework level benefited the social media platform when it was upgraded to the latest version of React Native.

The team at Bloomberg realized the importance of giving an interactive and personalized experience to their users in order to make their app successful. Thus, to develop this user-friendly app, the engineering team at Bloomberg applied React Native technology. The primary reason to build such an app was to deliver a high-quality cross-platform app.


The developers at Bloomberg found it easier to release the new app features as React Native development process automates the process of code refreshing. As a result of this, the process of doing new updates got faster and instead of recompiling, the mobile app does the reloads instantly.

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