Dependable solutions for QuickBooks update error 1625

QuickBooks is a customer-centric accounting software designed by Intuit to help business with the financial management. Even after so much credibility, it can develop QuickBooks update error 1625 during its installation or when users try updating it. On the off chance this error strikes your QBDT, this blog will help you acknowledge why this error occurs and the usable methods to terminate it.

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You run into this error code while installing or updating QuickBooks Desktop on your computer. Some of the most effective circumstances under which this error interrupts the software installation/update are given below-

  1. Windows Registry gets damaged forbidding the installation or update of applications on the system.
  2. Windows Installer malfunctions when it can’t access the QBDT installation package.
  3. Other programs on your PC interfere with the QB installation files which causes issues when Windows Installer tries to run them.

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QBDT installation or update won’t be successful until you get rid of this error from your PC. You can use the following methods to confront this installation issue-

Solution 1- Fix the damaged Windows Registry on your system

This error emerges whenever you start installing QuickBooks Desktop on your PC or midway during its update. This can happen if the Windows registry gets damaged when you try changing the Windows installer programming. The Windows Registry holds information about all the applications installed on the system and get damaged due to faulty installation of new Windows application or when you try interfering with the system configuration files. You can rectify the QBDT installation issue by creating a backup of your Windows Installer as shown in these steps-

  1. Single-click the search panel on the taskbar and type ‘command prompt’ (Don’t open it yet).
  2. Keep the Ctrl+Shift keys pressed and double click the Command Prompt icon.
  3. A User Account Control (UAC) dialogue box pops up asking for confirmation to let Windows Command Processors make changes to the devices.
  4. Click Yes to open the command prompt in Administrator mode.
  5. Type ‘regedit’ as a command on the black screen and hit Enter.
  6. Click the File icon at the top left of the window that opens and click Export.
  7. Choose any preferable name for the Windows Installer backup file.
  8. Set the selected branch and ensure the Export Range checkbox is marked.
  9. Hit Save and type .reg as an extension at the end of the file name to create a backup of your Windows installer.
  10. Try updating or installing QuickBooks again on your PC.

If the error stops you again while installing QuickBooks, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Register the Windows installer

This error mostly pops up due to issues in the Windows installer which interrupt the QBDT installation on your PC. You must register your Windows installer with the following steps to fix the issue-

  1. Go to the search panel and type msiexec/unreg.
  2. Press Enter and click Ok if a dialogue box appears.
  3. Approach the search panel again and type msiexec/regserver.
  4. Press Enter to register the Windows installer and try installing QuickBooks again.


This blog thoroughly explains why QuickBooks Update Error 1625 stops the software installation or updates on your PC. The actions required to address the error are also given in the blog which you must apply to install QuickBooks on your PC without any issues.

Speak to a QB professional at 1-855-856-0042 if you run into the error again after using the solutions.

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Dependable solutions for QuickBooks update error 1625
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