Whether you’re looking for a complete washroom cleaning or office cleaning in London, ECS Commercial Cleaning has the expertise to meet your expectations and provide you with a reliable, affordable commercial cleaning services. All our work is carried out with minimal to no disruption.

ECS Commercial Cleaning is a company specialized in providing commercial cleaning, office cleaning, hospital & GP surgery cleaning, residential cleaning, washroom cleaning, Covid cleaning and sanitisation. At ECS Commercial Cleaning, we have over 10 years of commercial cleaning and office cleaning experience in London. Our cleaning staff are passionate about making your workspace a more hygienic and presentable place, helping to create a pleasant working environment for all. By using the latest equipment and environmental friendly cleaning products, as well as qualified staff, the quality of our services always ensures full satisfaction even for the most complex cleaning needs.

Highest Standard of Cleanliness at a Reasonable Cost

We offer a broad range of cleaning services that suits your schedule and your budget. We always provide the most efficient way possible to ensure that you achieve the highest standard of cleanliness at a reasonable cost. Our top-priority is to deliver our clients high quality services while meeting deadlines and budgets. Every cleaning project is overseen by a dedicated project manager who takes responsibility for completing the project on time. We work with a tried and tested network of cleaning staff who have the necessary commercial cleaning expertise.

ECS Commercial Cleaning can source a whole range of janitorial and cleaning products to save your money on consumables and products. We focus on:


ECS Commercial Cleaning take care of the safety and comfort of our employees at work. We take necessary measures to make them feel protected. We work in accordance with the requirements of industry standards and occupational health and safety management.


ECS Commercial Cleaning value quality and promptness. Our cleaning team use high quality cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver best quality cleaning results in a very short time. Beyond the excellent quality of commercial cleaning services, the defining feature of our services is total flexibility and customized service packages. Thus, the office cleaning requirements and needs of each client always represent the criteria for personalizing the cleaning services offered.

If you need washroom cleaning or office cleaning in London, then let professional and experienced team at ECS Commercial Cleaning assist you. Give us a call on 0161 5462235 now to get a free obligation quote.

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