The fast advancements in mobile technology make it mandatory for any Xamarin app development company to create mobile apps that can retain mobile savvy users. Speed and quality, hybrid and native, iOS and Android, all these pose struggles for mobile app developers, and Xamarin can prove to be a game-changing solution for this.

In fact, today, with more than five years of existence, Xamarin is being used by over 1.4 million developers in more than 120 countries. After being acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin has become part of its Visual Studio environment and has become the technology of choice for several industries. Xamarin app development company provides its platform to build cross-platform mobile applications and supports the testing and debugging of products. For example, using the Xamarin Test Cloud, you can run your app on over 2,000 real devices and scan detailed reports.

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Building iOS Apps with Xamarin Technology
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