Cloud contact centers- why are cloud-based systems necessary?

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud Contact Center is a comprehensive suite of tools, applications, and cloud-hosted services for contact centers that require multiple communications channels, sophisticated call routing, agent management, and analytics. Many call centers are running their operations on old technology that cannot keep up with the way modern businesses now operate. A cloud-based contact center is a desirable alternative compared to an on-premise call center as it uses the latest communication technology and is also cost-effective.

Cloud-based call centers offer many benefits to businesses and help them continuously exceed the expectations of their customers. It is not easy for on-premise call centers to add new channels quickly or easily update their phone menu.

Efficient communications APIs have helped cloud contact centers evolve as building a cloud-based contact center using readily available APIs is now easier and faster than before.

Benefits of cloud contact centers

There are many benefits of shifting from on-premise to cloud contact centers. These advantages are the reason why many call centers have either shifted to the cloud or are thinking about it. We have discussed the major benefits of shifting from on-premise to cloud contact centers below.

Improved customer experience

The cloud contact center solution helps the call center to improve the customer experience significantly. This is the most critical metric for any business, all the more for a call center as its whole business depends on whether it can provide a good customer experience.

When modern-day customers reach out to a call center via any channel, they expect tech support. If the customers get stuck in a never-ending IVR menu, they will surely stop doing business with the brand. According to a survey, after a poor communication experience with the call center, 4 out of 10 customers will switch to a competitor or stop doing business with the organization. Furthermore, 2 out of 3 customers would recommend their friends not to do business with the company.

No call center would like to create a bad experience for its customers on purpose. The thing is that old on-premise call centers are unable to change swiftly according to the customers’ needs. On the other hand, cloud-based contact centers can help a call center provide top-notch customer service as it anticipates the needs of the customers in advance and changes accordingly.

A cloud contact center can gather data about the customers from multiple sources and provide a tailored and personalized experience to every customer every time.

Easy to achieve scalability

In the fast-paced technological world, naturally, a business needs to change drastically over time. With an on-premise call center, this is very difficult as the call center would have to re-invest in procuring better hardware that can handle the customers’ increased needs.

A cloud-based contact center can help achieve easy scalability as it allows the call center to scale up or down depending on its needs. Using a cloud contact center, a call center can easily cater to the changing demands of the customers like in-app chat or video calling.

Furthermore, a cloud-based contact center provides greater control over the customer experience and helps the call center surge ahead of its competition. With a cloud contact center application, the call center does not need to worry about capacity and hardware addition as a cloud contact center handles these things in real-time.

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Cloud contact centers- why are cloud-based systems necessary?
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