GoAccess is a tool for monitoring web server logs in realtime. It’s written in C and uses the popular ncurses library for its dashboard interface, which can be accessed directly from the command-line.

This is great because you’re able to SSH into any web server you control and view or analyze relevant statistics quickly and securely. Apart from the command-line dashboard interface, it’s also capable of displaying the statistics in other formats such as HTML, JSON, and CSV, which you can use in other contexts or share with others.

GoAccess could also be a great alternative to client-side analytics tools depending on your needs. It analyzes your server logs directly, so you don’t need to load any additional scripts, and your data is completely under your control.

In this tutorial, you’ll install and configure GoAccess for Apache on an Ubuntu 20.04 web server. You’ll access the Apache log files with GoAccess before reviewing the modules available and navigation shortcuts on the command-line interface.


How To Install and Use GoAccess Web Log Analyzer on Ubuntu 20.04
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