Hadoop is a data processing tool used to process large size data over distributed commodity hardware. The trend of Big Data Hadoop market is on the boom and it’s not showing any kind of deceleration in its growth. Today, industries are capable of storing all the data generated at their business at an affordable price just because of Hadoop. Hadoop helps the industry to know their customer’s behavior, customers buying priorities i.e. what they loved the most, and click patterns, etc. Hadoop provides personalized recommendations and personalizes ad targeting features. Companies are generating thousands of petabytes of data every day so the demand for Big Data professionals is very high. Even after a few years, Hadoop will be considered as the must-learn skill for the data-scientist and Big Data Technology. Companies are investing big in it and it will become an in-demand skill in the future.

In today’s era, lots of industry’s are receiving a huge amount of unstructured data from websites like Facebook, E-mails, Instagram, etc. that results in Big Data. Analyzing this massive volume of data cost-effectively, Hadoop is the best solution for this job. Let’s discuss the Top 7 Reasons to learn Hadoop for Big Data.

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Top 7 Reasons to Learn Hadoop
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