In 2015, a globally-renowned IBM corporation, in collaboration with the global technology giant Samsung, introduced the ADEPT project — an autonomous decentralized peer-to-peer telemetry network.

This system forms a distributed network of IoT devices, using which network operators or users can receive any captured data (this can be data about any difficulties in the operation of the devices themselves or the devices to which they connected). In addition, ADEPT is able to cope with a number of problems on its own - for example, download software updates or reboot/restart the system when need be.

In general, such solutions can provide end-to-end automation when taking vital system readings (this can be useful in agriculture, animal breeding, manufacturing, and even in some completely digital structures). With a blockchain powered by the IoT-based equipment, you can get a single database with the information you need that is:

a) 100% authentic;
b) protected from unauthorized access;
c) is updated in real time.


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