How to Fix If Headphones Are Not Working in Window 11?

Some user’s faces the issue like Headphones are not working in Window 11. To fix this issue, you should check cable is connected properly and also reset your peripherals. In this published blog, you will read the solution to fix if headphones are not working in Window 11. If customer needs details, visit to

Method To Fix If Headphones Are Not Working in Window 11:

1. Check Proper Connection:

Check headphones are connected in optimal conditions:

There are some users who do not check the cable connections, then these results in error. When headphones issues occur, you should check that your USB cable is connected to your PC. In this situation, you should check both headphones and power source ports. You can power off, or then power back on your headset and PC.

Check cable is not faulty:

If your cable and headphones are connected but your device is not working, then you must check if the cable is not faulty. In this situation, you should try the same cable into other PC and then check the issue. This is best for both Bluetooth headsets as well as for normal headphones. The user can also connect a different cable to your Computer system and headphones.

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2. Check Headphones are set as Default Device:

You should right-click on the Sound icon from the taskbar and then choose Sounds. After this, you should select the Playback tab, and then hit on headphones. Now, you should tap on Set as Default button, and then click on OK.

3. Reset Headphones:

Resetting your headphones will solve the issue related to random bugs in your device. For this, you should press the power button and then check the Bluetooth headset’s light indicator flashes blue or red.

4. Check Window Updates:

You should open Settings. After this, you should visit to Windows Update. Now, you should select Check for updates. For detail information, visit to

5. Run System Troubleshooter:

You should open Settings and then go to System. After this, you should scroll down and then tap on Troubleshoot. Now, you should choose Recommended troubleshooter preferences.

6. Update your Audio and Sound Drivers:

It is very essential you should update your Drivers timely so that you do not get into trouble.

Manually Update:

For this, you should open Device Manager. Then, you should expand Audio inputs and outputs. Now, you should right-click on your headphones, and then choose Update driver. Here, you should tap on Search automatically for drivers. At this point, Windows will search the best available driver and then install it on your computer system.

Automatically Update:

To automatically update, you should use third-party software which will install, scan, and update driver in your computer system. It is advised always keep your drivers up to date.

The above method will help you to fix the issue if Headphones are not working in Window 11. For more help or info, the user can go to MS Office site through

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How to Fix If Headphones Are Not Working in Window 11?
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