The Yandex Tank core is written in Python.
For load testing, it has few modules — [Load generators], by default it uses the Phantom written on С++, so it’s really fast.
The [Telegraf] tool is a monitoring module that can connect to a testing host via SSH to run its own agent to collect metrics about CPU/mem/etc which will be displayed in Yandex.Tank during load test in real-time.
The Overloader is a module to upload results to the [Yandex Overloader] or to an InfluxDB, but we will not use it here. Still, see the [Artifact uploaders].

Also, in the examples below I’ll not cover the “ammo” topic to create more complicated tests with POST, etc requests, as for me now will be enough simple GET requests. But you can find its documentation in the [Preparing requests].

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Yandex.Tank: load testing tool — an overview, configuration, and examples
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