Instant interaction with users is increasingly being popular UI aspect for great number of apps. Real time apps are a new denomination extending this interactive feature and app idea. There are numerous technological facets pertaining to the popularity of real time apps. The availability of data over real time network across devices has been a big contributing factor to the emergence of real time apps. Cloud network and apps contributed a lot to these new emerging trends in apps. Today, users are quite expectant in getting their required information shared on a live and real time network. The real time sharing element is a success factor in most apps.

What are real time mobile apps?

By definition, any mobile apps that can facilitate real time access and sharing of information are real time mobile apps. In that respect typical apps for chat, messaging, video conferencing and real time file sharing can be considered in this category. Cloud apps that enable real time sharing and data access on a variety of remote devices and platforms are great examples of real time mobile apps. From real time file sharing apps to cloud apps to real time messaging and communications apps to real time collaborative gaming apps, you can name an array of diverse apps from various niches that have ‘real time’ element as their core value.

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Advantages of Real Time Mobile Applications
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