These days, people can play games anywhere thanks to their handheld devices. Thanks to smartphones gaming consoles took a backseat now. The phenomenal success of mobile games gave rise to more focus on mobile game development. The never before the success of few games in the recent times even challenged the so-called success of most popular apps.

The success and corresponding earning potential with mobile games us so huge that most mobile game development companies and indie developers are now coming with a lot of games only to find success with one game that can fulfil all their earlier losses. The mobile game market is continuously expanding just because businesses are taking the fresh interest in them to engage addicted gamers quickly to their brands.

While other apps just try to become preferred or at best lovable, successful mobile games become an addictive stuff for gamers. But to give your game that flair of addiction you need to follow certain development principles and follow them with an equally robust marketing.

Here we are going to introduce a few of the time-tested game development and marketing tips that every game developer and marketer should care about.

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Are You a Game Developer? Follow These Time Tested Game Development and Marketing Tips
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