Fix the Common Issues Associated With QuickBooks Form 941

QuickBooks form 941 is a quarterly tax report filed by users to show the mandatory tax deductions from their employees’ paychecks. Being a QuickBooks, you must be aware of how frequently this application catches issues and interrupts the ongoing operations. Now, you must be worried about possible interruption while creating form 941 in QuickBooks and how you’re going to troubleshoot it. 

Don’t worry; below, we are discussing the possible errors a user can face when creating form 941 and the best ways to eliminate them. Let’s dig into this comprehensive guide to file form 941 reports successfully.  

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List of Common Errors A User Can Encounter When Creating Form 941

Form 941 is a crucial tax report as it holds employees' quarterly federal tax return reports that need to be filed with the IRS. So make sure your tax report is protected and error-free, move to the below section and get familiar with the common errors any user can face when creating form 941: 

Issue 1: Total taxes adjusted by EIC does not equal the total quarter liability on Page 2

You might face a ‘Total taxes adjusted by EIC does not equal the total quarter liability on Page 2’ error on your screen when filing form 941. This error appears the payroll item setup for form B is incorrect. Go through the below instructions to make sure the payroll item setup is correct and eliminate this error quickly:  

  • Exit form 941, open your ‘Payroll Summary’ report, and select the date for which quarter you are filing it. 
  • In your note's ‘Additions’ or ‘Deductions’ section, down any of the payroll items. 
  • Select ‘List’ of payroll items and choose the ‘Payroll Item List’ option. Now review each of your additions and deductions payroll items in the payroll summary report. 
  • Fix the issues you find in payroll items by selecting the correct ‘tax tracking type.’
  • To correct any issues in wage amounts, ‘Run a payroll checkup.’
  • Make sure you have paid the additional amounts or any due amounts. When done, try again to file the form 941 in QuickBooks.  

Issue 2: Line 2 of Form 941 doesn’t match the adjusted gross wage from the Summary Report in Payroll

Line 2 on form 941 should match with the ‘Federal Withholding Income Subject to tax.’ If this does match, you will probably face this issue. This issue occurs when non-statutory employees are set as exempt in the Employee setup. The non-statutory employees should not be set as exempt when filing tax reports. So, to fix this issue, avoid the non-statutory employees from withholding taxes. 

Issue 3: Form Schedule B is not found 

Not everyone is bound to file form Schedule B, and when QuickBooks does not find this form with form 941, it triggers the ‘Form Schedule B is not found’ error message. File schedule B only if you’re paying your 941 taxes semiweekly or when you’re paying $100,000 or more taxes in form 941 quarterly. 

But in case you have filed form schedule B and QuickBooks still not able to read it, follow these steps to fix this issue:  

  • Select ‘Payroll Taxes & Liabilities’ from the ‘Employees’ menu.
  • Further, click ‘Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.’
  • Click on the ‘Schedule Payments’ option and choose ‘Federal 941/944/943.’
  • Check the payment frequency for the Schedule B form and set it to ‘Semiweekly.’
  • When done, click ‘Finish.’

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