How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

Article covers: How native is react native?, React Native vs (Ionic, Cordova), Similarities and difference between React Native and Native App Development.

Fetch Data from the Github API with JavaScript/React

In this tutorial, I will create a React app using the Github API to fetch data. I'll be using React hooks and Semantic UI for the styling.

React Redux API Request With Redux and Chart.js - React Javascript Tutorial

In this video I show the basics of making async api calls with redux via the middleware redux thunk. To make things a bit more interesting I use chart.js to add display the data we retrieve from the api.

React and React Redux — Connecting to Redux

Redux is a light weighted State Management Tool that helps the components in our React App to communicate with each other. The simple concept behind this is that every state of the component is kept in a store that will be global. So that every component can access any state from that store.

Learn React - Introduction to Redux Saga and Getting Data from APIs

Learn React - Introduction to Redux Saga and Getting Data from APIs. In this video we go over: What is Redux Saga? How does Redux saga fit into Redux and React? Why use Redux Saga over useEffect for API Calls - How to create a fake API - How to set up Redux Saga with Redux and React - How to create a watcher saga - How to add actions for sagas - How to integrate redux saga with Axios - How to handle Axios responses with redux and redux saga - How to use takeEvery and takeLatest in the watcher saga