Facebook Shop Magento Connector| Magento Facebook Shop Integration

Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration is a tool that connects the Magento 2 seller panel to Facebook Shop. With its revolutionary Facebook shop product feed management, which automatically updates and sends updated data to the Magento store, it establishes perfect sync between Facebook shop and Magento store. Merchants will use this integration to gain access to cutting-edge online selling features such as automated product listing, coordinated inventory, and more. This integration acts as a link between the Facebook shop and the Magento store, allowing you to develop and grow your Facebook company.

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Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration Key Features:

Magento 2 Facebook Shop integration offers solutions for successfully connecting a Facebook shop to a Magento 2 store in real time. The extension is jam-packed with useful features like product listing, inventory synchronisation, order management, and more. The following are the main benefits of integrating Facebook Shop with Magento 2:
Bulk Products Upload
With this feature of Facebook shop integration, manual product listing is no longer necessary. It allows you to bulk upload items to Facebook Shop.

Automate Inventory Synchronisation
The Magento Facebook Shop integration’s embedded crons automate the inventory update process. Stock synchronisation is done in real time.

Advertise your products on Facebook in a single click
By clicking on the “promote” button associated with the product you want to promote, the Magento 2 Facebook Shop Integration allows you to advertise items on your Facebook profile.

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