How I Built 7 Apps in 16 Hours

How I Built 7 Apps in 16 Hours

The Story

The Story

Usually, every product story starts with a pain, a problem that needs to be solved. A problem that bothers you, annoys you, you face it frequently and probably you are not alone with it.

This case was not different either.

A few months ago we started to use a new HR system that has a lot of advantages compared to the old one. But it had disadvantages too… Missing functionality, missing information… or the information is there, but hard to get it out from the system.

That’s when the idea of  Pandoo (the holiday planner) was born.

The Problem

The new tool did lack some features that we got used to.

A nice(r) and clean(er) way to see all of your holidays, your team’s holidays (and type of those holidays), and book them in a bunch.

Disclaimer: Maybe some of these problems are manageable with admin configurations or with educating the users.. but usually, when people switch tools they just expect that “it works” and they have all the things they had previously plus nice extras.

The goal of this article is not to blame the tool, it is about the solution and the key learnings.

The Solution

I wanted to bring back the functionalities from the old tool. I wanted to see my holidays as I was used to, I wanted to book my holidays as I used to. And I was not alone with this.

The Requirements

  • I don’t want to waste too much time on the MVP, just get it to work with the basic functionality and make me happy.
  • There is no way that I will build multiple apps using multiple programming languages.
  • Mobile-first, but bigger screen support would be nice where I can see more data.
  • Challenge myself.

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