The Hot-Topic Flutter 2.0 Insights: 10 Improved Features for Proficient Web Development

The Hot-Topic Flutter 2.0 Insights: 10 Improved Features for Proficient Web Development

The Hot-Topic Flutter 2.0 Insights: 10 Improved Features for Proficient Web Development. What's new in Flutter 2.0 for Web? Read insights and experts' opinions to find out the features that ensure better performance of cross-platform apps.


The stable release of Flutter for Web, which happened on the 3 of March, will seriously impact the industry, the possibilities, and peculiarities of app development.

Let’s unveil the mystery with Flutter 2, find out how it will change the alignment of forces in the market, understand what’s new in Flutter 2.0, and how it can benefit businesses. We have prepared valuable insights. So, buckle up – we’re taking off!

Since the first release of Flutter in 2017, this framework gained leading positions among cross-platform mobile development technologies. We did explore Flutter for Web as it was in early beta. And yes – we are excited to research what the technology can offer after its improvement.

Flutter 2.0 release was preceded by patient and tenacious work. According to Flutter’s blog on Medium, the new version’s revision included addressing more than 24.5 thousand issues compared with version 1.0. The strong community joined forces to develop an upgraded framework. As a result, Flutter 2 is appropriate for developing fast, portable, and mesmerizing applications. 

The updated Flutter 2 is suitable for all platforms. Developers use one codebase to adjust apps to any operating system – from Android, iOS, and Windows to macOS or Linux (part of them are in beta-versions). Flutter is even suitable for smart TV and home appliances. MobiDev has already built Flutter-based smart TV applications. 

But what if we try to look deeper? Considering the event that happened on the 3 of March more thoroughly, we find out that the most significant change is the release of Flutter for Web. A stable version replaced the beta version, which opens up extensive prospects for web apps development.

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