Best Udemy Clone Script To Launch Your E-learning Platform

Launching an E-learning platform is the most profitable enterprise, and get the best udemy clone script is even more beneficial for startup investors. Here, Abservetech affords the feature-riched e-learning software like Udemy.

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Best Udemy Clone Script To Launch Your E-learning Platform

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Udemy Clone | Udemy Clone App | Udemy Clone Script | Employcoder

The online e-learning platform revenue in the upcoming years is expected to be a growth value of $325 Billion. .E-learning applications such as Udemy offer multi-discipline courses for people of all levels. We all live in this current reality, where formal education is thought to result in an enormous harvest. E-learning applications like Udemy help students and professionals to learn anywhere and at any time. If you are looking to build an app like Udemy and looking to enter into the eLearning industry then look no further than Udemy Clone. Udemy Clone can be a cost-effective solution for your eLearning business and also helps in reducing the time to market.

How Udemy Clone can help to start your eLearning Business?

The Udemy Clone App is designed and filled with basic features and advanced features as similar to the Udemy Platform, Udemy Clone enables you to offer online courses through online from their Mobile Phones. Learners can purchase courses, receive course material, watch videos, listen to sounds, learn online, and obtain a valid certificate through their smartphone and helps tutors around the world to teach anything online.

Udemy Clone App Comes with the following features:

Powerful-User panel, Admin Panel, and Instructor Panel
Simplified Course Upload option.
Free & Paid Course Option.
Free Course Preview Option.
Language Management
Download Videos.
Easy Register & Login,
Payment Gateway supporting Multiple Currencies
Course Completion certificate option.
Discounts and Coupons

Where to Get the Best Udemy Clone App?

We Employcoder - eLearning App Development Company provides you with the best Udemy Clone Script that helps you build your own e-learning platform like Udemy, We take care of everything from designing, developing your Udmey Clone App to launching your App. So that you can spend most of your time focusing on your learners’ goals and improvement strategies to help you achieve those goals.

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Udemy Clone Script To Empower And Educate Your Customers Through The E-learning Platform

In the current digitized world, application software has bridged the gap between service providers and consumers. Of the relative multitude of benefaction that applications can give, education is positive of the most appreciable and helpful one. Udemy App Development provides an online platform for education and learning. Udemy has become the most sought platform for learners who are willing to acquire new skills or gain additional knowledge beyond their university curriculum. Udemy offers unlimited access to courses at an average price.

What Is An Udemy Clone?

Udemy clone is an E-learning app like Udemy to streamline the learning process to an easier and more engaging one. Udemy like app provides a great alternative to traditional classroom learning, especially in these times of Pandemic. EdTech industry has finally attracted the interests of IT giants and start-ups alike since the future education technology will be a trillion-dollar industry with a solid fan base among teachers and students. You can now own the Udemy clone app by customizing the Udemy clone script with unique features and make it stand out.

Some of the unique features that can be customized are listed below

  • Students And Experts Database: This feature can allow the admin to have access to view and manage the user profiles with necessary information.
  • Appointment Scheduling: The appointment booking feature for students and teachers helps manage appointments through the web scheduler or mobile application. It would enable the students to get automated reminders.
  • Course Creation: The course creation feature can enable the tutor to prepare and customize a course based on their skills and expertise. It can easily allow the instructor to edit and update the course.
  • Detailed Instructor Dashboard: It can enable tutor app features such as screen sharing, whiteboard, video conferencing, etc.
  • Course Reminder: This feature can be of much value that reminds the user of the courses they have to complete for the day.
  • Social Login: Social login feature can enable the user to log in directly through other social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google account, etc., avoiding the tedious task of entering the details manually every time.

Wrap Up Note,

A rapid educational mobile app development requires a team of skilled and experienced developers to create a bug-free Udemy like App that is also cost-efficient. At TurnkeyTown, we offer you a white labelled Udemy clone that can be customized and developed to fit your requirements. Our clone script enables you to have complete control over costs, commissions and education offered to your customers. Why wait? Contact us today to launch a robust learning management system!

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Lead the e-learning wave by launching the Udemy Clone

The Udemy clone is an advanced online learning solution offered by Appdupe. It contains well-functioning Android and iOS apps for students, expert instructors, a web panel, and a robust admin dashboard. The Udemy clone offers more than 130,000 courses for the students. The special features include real-time tracking of the progress of students through the instructor dashboard, access to the Udemy for Business program for corporate companies, a rating and review system, and the acceptance of multiple payment methods for viewing premium content.

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What are the perks of using an e-learning app like Udemy?

E-learning apps have redefined the ways we learn. As per students’ interests, they can search and locate the courses they want to learn through an E-learning app like Udemy. According to Technavio reports, the e-learning sector has grown between $6.22 billion between the period of 2017 and 2022.

The core advantages of building an app like Udemy

Flexibility: Users can login any time and anywhere and learn the courses. There is no specific schedule involved in the process of learning through Udemy like apps.
Self-paced learning: Each course has the duration upon completion of the course, users are awarded the certificate. There is no fixed period of time within which users have to complete the course. After enrolling they can learn at their own pace.
Lower costs: In comparison to the costs involved in getting home tuitions or attending classes, the cost involved in building learning apps like Udemy is far lesser. Users can attend classes, have access to materials, take up assignments, and more upon enrolling in a course.

Innovative features of Udemy app
Autocomplete: Users need not type in the entire course name to locate the course. They can simply type in the keywords then relevant results will appear. Most of us are familiar with autocomplete as it helps in getting the full-name of each course.

Filters: Students can set filters across various categories such as course type, topic, language, price, and so on and quickly locate the course.

Recommendations: The AI and Machine Learning engines offer recommendations for the courses based on their preferences of each student. These recommendations will increase the viability of courses and at the same time offer personalized learning experiences for users.

Feedback based rating system: Learners will check out reviews before logging into the courses. To gain the trust of students, it is recommended to offer genuine recommendations.

Teachers profile: Students can view the teachers profile and choose the courses that match their needs.

Appdupe offers a complete Udemy clone app built with the advanced features so customers can use the app as per their convenience.

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How Important Is Elearning Apps Like Udemy At This Present Situation?

As per the old saying “pen is mightier than the sword” education is the most powerful tool one can possess. Education is a way for the growth of the nation and humans to get civilized and evolved as the day passes by. So it is our responsibility to make it feasible such that everybody gets educated leads a better life tomorrow. Now technological development has made acquiring education very simple and it is in the near reach. People are making use of smartphones to the utmost that makes human life comfortable and simpler. Now they have converted the device into a learning platform with the help of E-learning apps like udemy.

Udemy is an E-learning platform where one can get educated on any subject of their interest. An online tutor will be available through virtual and they will take a class on the particular topic chosen and the user can also interrupt and ask them doubts or questions. Turnkeytown has developed an Udemy clone that helps to deliver quality education to everyone through their app.

Let us look at the various benefits and features of the Udemy app development


100+ Courses in 1 App

Udemy clone provides 100+ courses to which users can avail themselves of anything and any number of their choice. Expert tutors are available in the app and they will tutor the students through online mode.

Learning Anywhere and Anytime

The udemy clone provides education through online mode only and users can attend the class using their electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s etc. it can be accessed from anywhere like home or on the go and the classes can be scheduled as per the user convenience.

Offline Mode

The app offers the offline mode in which the users can download the course video and the course material and learn it when it is convenient for them. It also lets the user avail the class in the audio mode so that they can learn in between chores also.


  • Creating courses with an instruction window
  • Course completion certification
  • Promo videos
  • Quizzes
  • Easy and multiple payment methods
  • Email, language management

Summing Up

E-learning platforms are the most important aspect in today’s educational system as the educational organizations have been shut down due to the coronavirus breakdown and nobody is certain about when will things resume back to normal. So investing in Udemy clone app development now will fetch good revenue to the company as it is most demanded by many students and parents.

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