A better alternative to useEffect

My experience with React hooks have been amazing. In this article, I will precisely talk on one of the most prominent hooks that we use on a daily basis which is useEffect.

I am assuming the readers coming to this article has good understanding on useEffect. If not, please first go through the concept at reactjs.org.

So essentially, useEffect react to changes in dependency list. They have replaced **_componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, componentWillUnmount and componentWillReceiveProps in _**class based react components.

It’s very common to react to changes in props values or state values over the lifetime of a component. we also need to compare previous values and current values when reacting to changes often. In the class based component, we had componentDidUpdate for the similar use-cases.

It has following interface:

componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState, snapshot)

You have access to prevProps(previous props) and**_ prevState(previous state)_**, which can be used to make comparisons and react appropriately.

What about useEffect, how would you do those kind of comparison with them?


olution 1

You can have a usePrevious custom hook which will always give you the previous value and that you make use in your useEffect to complete the comparison. Let’s see some code.

Notice, how usePrevious hook helps us by keeping a track of previous value. Now think about scenario, when there are more than one dependency in our useEffect. We need to make use of **_usePrevious _**hook that many times or we have to re-define our usePrevious hook to track an array of dependency.

Isn’t it too much of work every time ?

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A better alternative to useEffect

Android Vs iOS - Which is Better for App Development?

Welcome to our Android tutorial, in this tutorial, we are here with something that is a very hot topic of all time. In this article, we are going to discuss a very interesting topic that is Android VS iOS. We know that these days iOS is on fire, and so is Android. The growth rate of both the operating systems has been increasing rapidly for the last few years. Regardless of this, the growth of Android is found to be on the totally next level. So, we are very well prepared here to jot down the difference between Android and iOS

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An Alternative to React's useEffect Hook

After spending almost three months working on a multistep form for one of my clients, I found that the existing react hooks are insufficient for creating a personalized form.

Just to give you a little bit of insight, my client wanted a seven-step form that included bullets on the left side for each form. The bullets had to be decoupled from the forms and needed a different color based on the state of the form.

The client also wanted that actions like coloring the bullets to be triggered only after the user leaves each form. When being unmounted, the form would send its state to another component.

Knowing that we were in need to create some custom solutions, we ended up implementing the following two hooks that saved us a lot of time. The first one is:


The useOnUnmount() hook is a functional React alternative to the ComponentWillUnmount lifecycle method that allows us to mutate values between renders so that it can be used outside the component. This hook saved us a lot of effort than just trying to change the business logic or installing other packages that might have helped us.

But why not just use the useEffect() return callback functionality?

If we go back to basics, the return function inside the useEffect() is a cleanup function, therefore we can't check a condition or set a new value for the state.

The hook looks like this:



useOnUnmount used in component

Pay close attention to what value the console outputs inside the useEffect cleanup function and the useOnUnmount() hook.

How does it work?

useOnUnmount() uses a useRef() that allows the state to mutate between renders. The useEffect() will clean up the previous state before applying the next one.


This is another useful hook for when we want to trigger an action when the component state changes, and not when the component mounts. You can consider it the ComponentWIllUpdate alternative for functional React.

This one - calls the callback each time the state changes, triggering an action.

Why is this useful?

Well, imagine needing to trigger a modal, change the text on a button, etc., or any action you need - instead of keeping the logic inside the component, you can reuse it by having a custom hook.

The hook can be found here:




Hope this article will help you while developing forms in React and will ease your path.

Let me know in the comments what do you think. Best of luck!

Source: https://hackernoon.com/i-created-an-alternative-to-reacts-useeffect-hook

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Dream11 Clone | Dream11 Clone App | Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

No matter what age group you belong to or which sport you love. When your favorite team or favorite player is out there in the field, a true fan can never stay away. This craze was turned into cash by the fans in the earlier days under the name sports betting.

Why choose Dream11 out of all the other apps?

Though it ended up in many unfortunate situations for the participants of it, it is now turning into something more profitable nowadays. This is because of apps like Dream11. Founded in 2008 before the IPL, the company raked in billions of dollars. All thanks to the cricket fans who showered their immense love for their teams and players. And the success that it started to see then, has still not simmered down, as it is offering options to the users to participate in different tournaments.

Development of Dream11 Clone

Developing such an app is not rocket science. But whether it is a cakewalk or not depends on which method you want to implement to develop a fantasy sports app. If you choose to develop it from scratch, let’s say that it’s going to take half of your lifetime. But when you choose a ready-made solution, then development is just a breeze. Because it is ready-made, still you can make changes, and you can launch. The app will also contain some basic features.

Listed below are them.

Fundamental features

User panel
User login
Home screen
League arena
User dashboard

Admin panel

Admin dashboard
Manage user accounts
Manage reports

So if you are ready and are curious about knowing more about the Dream11 like app development, then ping us now!

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Set Your March To The Mobile Wallet Market With An App Like Freecharge

Mobile wallets like Freecharge help out people with fund transfers and bill payments. Through Freecharge, the users can make their mobile recharges, telephone bills, and other utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills, DTH recharges, and many more. Would you like to start your venture with a similar app like Freecharge? Then, a Freecharge clone will be the best option to start your career.

What is a Freecharge clone app?

Mobile wallets like Freecharge help out people with fund transfers and bill payments. Through Freecharge, the users can make their mobile recharges, telephone bills, and other utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills, DTH recharges, and many more. The Freecharge clone app is a similar app developed with the same models and features as the standard app.

You can opt for a ready-to-launch Freecharge clone app with which you can launch your business in no time. Make sure to have the following features in your app. Mobile wallets like Freecharge help out people with fund transfers and bill payments. Would you like to start your venture with a similar app like Freecharge? Then, a Freecharge clone will be the best option to start your career.

User registration

The Freecharge clone app offers an easy registration process for the users to register with their app. They can quickly log in through their credentials like email address, phone number, or through their social media account.

Linking bank account

Through a secure SMS verification process, the users can easily link their bank account to the Freecharge clone app.

QR scan code

The users can scan through the QR code of their service provider and transfer the amount to their account in the blink of an eye.

Push notifications

The Freecharge clone app will send important notifications and alert messages to its users through SMS. Like their credit or debit status, their account summary will be intimated to the users through notifications.

Summing up,

In this digital era, mobile wallets have become the best medium for people to transact their funds. In this scenario, you can enter the mobile wallet market swiftly by launching a Freecharge clone app.

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Uber Alternative | On-demand Uber Alternative App Solution

The market leader Appdupe helps entrepreneurs make an everlasting presence in the on-demand taxi sector with a leading-edge Uber alternative. The taxi clone app stands apart from the rest with its feature-packed front-end and efficient dispatcher algorithm. The pragmatic solution helps entrepreneurs regulate their fleet community efficiently without tearing a sweat.

As a measure to tackle COVID-19, the platform comes preloaded with safety add-ons like face mask recognition software, safety ratings & reviews, etc. The best part about the solution is that it can be tweaked to suit your business needs seamlessly.

Some of the pivotal features of the Uber alternative solution include,

  • Free app updation for lifetime
  • Geofencing
  • VoIP-based call masking
  • Multilingual & Multi-currency support
  • In-app wallet
  • KIOSK booking app
  • Multiple stop points
  • ‘Book For Others’ Feature

Know more about Uber alternative, https://www.appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script

Contact us through +91 9791101817 or mail info@appdupe.com

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