Java EE: Desde cero a Experto (EJB, JPA, Web Services, JSF) |Simpliv

Java EE: Desde cero a Experto (EJB, JPA, Web Services, JSF) |Simpliv

Java EE: Desde cero a Experto (EJB, JPA, Web Services, JSF)

Description The Java EE course of Global Mentoring is the best and most complete course to learn to program using the Java Enterprise Edition in Spanish . We will start with an Introduction to Java Business Technology, and we will take you step by step to become a Java expert in record time and so you can create Web and Business applications, including topics and technologies such as EJB's, JPA, Web Services, Security, Servlets and JSPs, JavaServer Faces (JSF), PrimeFaces, AJAX and many more Java EE technology topics.

The content is divided into perfectly structured levels , each level supported by the previous one, with the aim of adding Java EE knowledge incrementally so that you can focus on mastering the issues little by little and gradually. So ensure the success of your Java EE training.

We will offer support for any questions about the teaching material included in this Java EE course.

To make matters worse, we handle a new teaching methodology that we have called Speed ​​Learning. This methodology consists of concise videos that go directly to the point to study, complemented with eBooks with explanations and step-by-step images (which you can print, or search for any text you need, or use for your offline study), since As we know we cannot do text search within video. In addition, our methodology includes perfectly structured and very didactic exercises, which will allow you to accelerate your eLearning learning. Without wasting time on videos where you have to watch the instructor codify an exercise, too much theory, little practice or anything like that. Our Speed ​​Learning methodology guarantees that in the shortest possible time you will acquire the necessary knowledge for the professional and professional world of Java.

The Java EE course includes the following topics:

Java EE course:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Java EE

Introduction to the Java Business World (Java EE) Java EE Technologies Stack Multilayer Architecture in Java EE Tool Installation (Eclipse, MySql) Glassfish Application Server Installation Use of Maven and JavaEE HelloWorld with JavaEE Lesson 2 - Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Introduction to the EJB Types and Configuration of an EJB Dependency Injection in Java EE Packaging and Business Containers Lesson 3 - Introduction to Java Persistence API (JPA)

Introduction to Java Persistence API (JPA) Understanding Entity classes in JPA EntityManager and Persistence Unit Management Use of JUnit and JPA Lesson 4 - Consultations with JPA

Life Cycle in JPA Types of Relationships in JPA JPQL queries in JPA Use of the Criteria API in JPA Transaction Management in JPA Lesson 5 - Role of Servlets and JSPs

Role of Servlets and JSPs in Java EE Role of JSPs in Java EE Servlets and EJB integration in Java EE Lesson 6 - JSF Role

JSF role in Java EE New features of JSF Ajax in JSF PrimeFaces and JSF JSF, PrimeFaces, AJAX, EJB and JPA integration Lesson 7 - WebServices and JavaEE

Introduction to Web Services Types of JAX-WS and JAX-RS Web Services What is a WSDL Document Use of XML and XSD Documents (XML Scheme) JAXB API Management Web Services Generation Strategies Web Services Deployment Web Service Client Creation Lesson 8 - REST Web Services

Introduction to REST Web Services HTTP Request Analysis JAX-RS API annotations EJB and JAX-RS integration Creation of a REST Client WADL and XSD document of the REST Web Service Deployment of a REST Web Service REST Web Service Client Creation Lesson 9 - Security in Java EE

Introduction to Security in Java EE Authentication and Authorization in Java EE Web Layer Security in Java EE Layer EJB Security in Java EE Client Authentication in Java EE Web Client Authentication SOAP Client Authentication and REST Web Service Final Exercise with the integration of everything learned At the end you get a certificate of having completed the Java EE course. And from that moment great job and professional opportunities await you in the real world.

But there is more!

Because several of our students have told us that they need to reinforce some basic Java concepts, we will add the courses for free to your Java EE course the following courses:

1) Java basics

2) Java programming

3) Java with JDBC

4) HTML, CSS and JavaScript

5) Servlets and JSP's

6) JavaServer Faces (JSF)

This content is completely free once you enter your Java EE course, so we hope you enjoy the following courses that are a gift voucher for enrolling in our Java EE course, with the intention that you can review the topics described in case That you require it. These courses are in the same syllabus of this Java EE course, you just have to review what topics you are interested in reviewing, so you don't have to consult this information in another course.

So don't wait any longer and sign up now for this fabulous Java EE course from Global Mentoring. Remember that your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Greetings and see you on the other side.

Ing. Ubaldo Acosta

Founder of Global Mentoring and Java University

Who this course is for:

Any Java programmer interested in learning Java EE, and technologies such as EJB, JPA, Web Services, Security and deploying Java business applications in Glassfish Basic knowledge Although this course is advanced, we add several courses as a gift voucher so you can start from scratch and step by step with Java technology. Know how to use PC at the basic level What will you learn Module I. Introduction to Java EE Module II Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.x Module III Java Persistance API (JPA) 2.x Module IV Servlets and JSPs in Java EE Module V. JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.x Module VI Web Services in JEE and Security in JEE And much more!!! Also if you do not have knowledge of basic Java, or need to reinforce more basic topics, do not worry, we add several courses as a gift voucher that will allow you to review more basic Java themes completely free

Java EE Desde cero EJB, JPA Web Services, JSF

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