Javascript async-await: How to Use ES7 async-await

Javascript async-await: How to Use ES7 async-await

Javascript async-await is used to deal with asynchronous code. Async-await is a technique to write async Javascript code in sync manner.

Javascript async-await feature is used to deal with asynchronous code in javascript. The async-await is a just new technique to write async code in a sync function manner.  You can write it as a simple synchronous function. That makes it very popular and understandable. Node.js is now supporting async-await out of the box.

Async-await is a new way to write asynchronous code. Previous options for asynchronous code are  callbacks and  promises. Async/await built on top of promises. It cannot be used with plain callbacks or node callbacks.


You can read the following tutorials if you do not know anything about Javascript callbacks and promises.

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