Zara  Bryant

Zara Bryant


Ask the Audience: Microsoft Build

Join us on Learn TV immediately after Microsoft Build to discuss the excitement, the product announcements, and what we are interested in learning more about. This one hour Ask the Audience: Microsoft Build is where the audience can share more and connect with experts on our favorite sessions, announcements, and plans for learning more post Microsoft Build. See you on Learn TV! Head over to for live Q&A


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Ask the Audience: Microsoft Build

Top Microsoft big data solutions Companies | Best Microsoft big data Developers

An extensively researched list of top Microsoft big data analytics and solution with ratings & reviews to help find the best Microsoft big data solutions development companies around the world.
An exclusive list of Microsoft Big Data consulting and solution providers, after examining various factors of expert big data analytics firms and found the equivalent matches that boast the ace qualities with proven fineness in data analytics. For business growth and enterprise acceleration getting inputs from the whole data of the organization have become necessary, thus we bring to you the most trustworthy Microsoft Big Data consultants and solutions providers for your assistance.
Let’s take a look at the List of Best Microsoft big data solutions Companies.

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Layne  Fadel

Layne Fadel


How to become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador (MLSA)

doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or a final year bachelor’s student or a master’s student, you can apply ! All you need is passion for technology.

By enrolling in Microsoft student ambassadors program (earlier Microsoft student partner), you can -

  1. Upskill yourself by Microsoft courses, get mentored by Microsoft professionals, earn badges and certificates.
  2. Host events, workshops and hackathons at your college, teach people how to code and become a LEADER.
  3. Network with global community.

I got to know about this program last year (2020) in early may and by 12th of may, I completed and submitted my application. I got selection mail on 7th August.

Right now, I am in my final year of engineering.


  • Microsoft swags and goodies
  • USD150 monthly Azure credits
  • Office 365, Visual Studio Enterprise, Techsmith Snagit and Camtasia softwares for free.
  • MTC certification exam vouchers and LinkedIn learning free for 6 months.
  • Mentorship and networking with Microsoft professionals.
  • and much more !

Excited ? Apply now !


  1. Visit their official website, click on ‘Apply Now’ and Sign up.
  2. Application form consists of basic information, written sample, technology skills, resume and a short video introduction.
  3. Make a video explaining your passion for technology and why you want to join the program. Upload it on YouTube (or Google drive).
  4. [My video for reference]
  5. Fill the form and submit.


  • You can fill the application form throughout the year. New students are accepted into the program quarterly.
  • After submitting, you can edit your application until it goes to the review state by Microsoft. You’ll learn about the deadline date while filling the application form.
  • Do not skip filming the video; it increases your chance of getting selected !

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Microsoft Development Services in Ahmedabad

Looking for Microsoft Development Services in Ahmedabad?

We at DataPierce offers our best Microsoft technology-based development services. Our vast years experienced developers serve their experience to fulfil your business needs with the affordable rates.

For Getting More Information or Discuss your ideas with an Expert @ -

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Coty  Padberg

Coty Padberg


Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoftは先週、第10回のBuildを開催した。BuildはMicrosoftのテクノロジを使用する開発者を対象に、年次で開催されるカンファレンスである。このオンラインイベントでは、Blazor WebAssemblyの一般向け提供開始、間もなくリリースされる.NET 5の最新情報、Azure Static Web Apps、IoTや人工知能に関する新プロジェクトなど、重要な発表やリリースが目白押しだった。

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Mikel  Okuneva

Mikel Okuneva


Microsoft’s Turing Language Model Can Now Interpret 94 Languages

Recently, the developers at Microsoft detailed the Turing multilingual language model (T-ULRv2) and announced that the AI model has achieved the top rank at the Google XTREME public leaderboard.

The Cross-lingual TRansfer Evaluation of Multilingual Encoders, also known as XTREME benchmark includes 40 typologically diverse languages, which span 12 language families. XTREME also consists of nine tasks that require reasoning about different levels of syntax as well as semantics.

The Turing multilingual language model (T-ULRv2) is created by the Microsoft Turing team in collaboration with Microsoft Research. The model is also known to beat the previous best from Alibaba (VECO) by 3.5 points in average score.

Saurabh Tiwary, Vice President & Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft mentioned that in order to achieve this milestone, the team leveraged StableTune, which is a multilingual fine-tuning technique based on stability training along with the pre-trained model. The other popular language models on the XTREME leaderboard include XLM-R, mBERT, XLM, among others. Ming Zhou, Assistant Managing Director at Microsoft Research Asia, stated in a blog post that the Microsoft Turing team has long believed that language representation should be universal. Also, this kind of approach would allow for the trained model to be fine-tuned in one language and applied to a different one in a zero-shot fashion.

For a few years now, unsupervised pre-trained language modelling has become the backbone of all-natural language processing (NLP) models, with transformer-based models at the heart of all such innovation. According to Zhou, this type of models has the capability to overcome the challenge of requiring labelled data to train the model in every language.

How T-ULRv2 Works

The Turing multilingual language model (T-ULRv2) model is the latest cross-lingual innovation at the tech giant. It incorporates the InfoXLM (Information-Theoretic Framework for Cross-Lingual Language Model Pre-Training),which is a cross-lingual pre-trained model for language understanding and generation to create a universal model that represents 94 languages in the same vector space.

TT-ULRv2 is a transformer architecture with 24 layers and 1,024 hidden states. The architecture also includes a total of 550 million parameters. The pre-training of this model includes three different tasks, which are multilingual masked language modelling (MMLM), translation language modelling (TLM) and cross-lingual contrast (XLCo).

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