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What is Tableau?

What is Tableau? Visualizing Data Using Tableau

Data Visualization with Tableau

This blog is the first of the Tableau Tutorial blog series by edureka. Tableau Certification is one of the most sought-after skills in Data Visualization. In this part of the blog-series “What is Tableau?”, I will explain to you what exactly is tableau and how to work on it, thereby showcasing you the real power of data visualization using Tableau.

1. Power of Data Visualization: Anscombe’s Quartet

2. But Why Tableau?

3. Establishing Connection with Tableau

4. Tableau Desktop UI

5. Understanding Tableau’s UI and its Terminologies

6. Creating Visualization in Tableau

Power Of Data Visualization: Anscombe's Quartet

This example of Anscombe’s Quartet will show you the Power of Data Visualization.

Now you would ask “ what is Anscombe’s quartet? ” 

Well, Anscombe’s quartet comprises four datasets that have nearly identical simple descriptive statistics, yet appear very different when graphed. Each dataset consists of eleven (x,y) points.

In the below image, you will notice that the data points in each dataset is very similar, but when you create a graph for the same, each dataset comes up with its own visualization.


Anscombes-quartet-tableAnscombe's_quartet_- What is Tableau - Edureka

Anscombe's_quartet_- What is Tableau - Edureka

But Why Tableau?

Access to Multiple Data Connection

Tableau easily connects to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data

Connection-Source - What is Tableau - Edureka

Live Analysis



Establishing Connection

Establishing Connection - What is Tableau - Edureka

Use Tableau and get connected to different data sources from files and servers. You can work on various file formats like CSV, JSON, TXT or even get your data imported from servers like Tableau Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift & many more.


Establishing Connection in Tableau - What is Tableau - Edureka

Tableau Desktop UI

Since we have established connection with Tableau, now its turn to understand Tableau’s UI and see how fields from the Measures and Dimension (under the Data Pane) play an important role in creating visualization. You will also learn about Page Shelf, Filter Shelf and Marks Card.

Tableau UI - What is Tableau - Edureka


Understanding Tableau's UI and its Terminologies

Measure - What is Tableau - Edureka


Measures are the fields which can be measured, aggregated or used for different calculation purpose. It helps you to answer your business-related questions. Generally, a field containing a numeric value is placed under the measure.

Ex: Discount, Profit, Sales, etc


The dimension consists of those values which cannot be aggregated. It is used for categorizing facts.

Ex: Category, Country, City, etc

Dimension - What is Tableau - Eduerka

Page Shelf

Page Shelf allows you to analyze your data based on the individual values contained within a field. It creates a set of pages, with a different view on each page.

Pages - What is Tableau - Edureka

Filter Shelf

Filter Shelf allows you to add or remove data from your view. You can add Dimensions and Measures from the data pane to filter shelf to filter your data. Once filtered the fields will be displayed on the Filter Shelf.

FIlter Option - What is Tableau - Edureka

Row/Column Shelf

Use Row and Column Shelf to add dimension and measure to complete the visualization. Row is treated as the X-Axis and Column as Y-Axis.

Row-Column Shelf - What is Tableau - Edureka

Marks Card Shelf

Mark Shelf is a region in Tableau where you can drag your fields to set mark properties.It helps you in enhancing visualization by setting colour, size, label, detail, path or shapes.

marks-card - what is tableau - edureka


Marks Card - What is Tableau - Edureka

Creating Visualization with Tableau

I guess by now you are well versed with Tableau’s Terminologies. Lets move ahead and explore some of the visualization which you can easily create in Tableau. Following is an interactive visualization where you can explore the different types of graphs including: Bar Chart, Heat Map, Scatter Plot, Packed Bubble and few others.

I hope you got a fair idea of “What is Tableau?” from this blog. Still hungry for more knowledge? Don’t worry the next blog on Tableau Tutorial will give you better understanding of the tool. I will showcase many real-life scenarios in that blog.

If you are interested in getting certified in Tableau, hit the below button to explore more about Data Visualization Using Tableau Training and Certification by Edureka. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more free content from Edureka.

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What is Tableau?

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The pros of Tableau Software

Although all other tableau features are overshadowed by the ultimate quality visualization of interactive data, the list of the benefits that the software brings to companies is very wide.
Remarkable Visualization Capabilities:
Yes, the unparalleled abilities to visualize data are on the leading of the list of Tableau software advantages. The quality visualization details of the application are primarily what opponents of Tableau software present. Also, standard business intellect vendors’ products, such as Oracle Data Visualization data rendition functions, do not compete with the quality of illustration and model supplied by Tableau.
It transforms unbuilt statistical data into an entire logical result, that is completely optional, interactive and adorable dashboards. They are available in sorts of graphics and are comfortable to utilize in industry affairs.
Ease of Utilize:
The intuitive way Tableau generates graphics and a user-friendly interface enables non-dev users to perform the basic application features to the fullest. In a drag-and-drop way, clients organize raw data into catchy diagrams, which enables the analysis of information and removes the need for the support of an IT team for pattern creation.
With no in-depth training, lay customers can enjoy the capabilities provided by Tableau for stats parsing, such as dashboard creation, and so on. To get into the abilities of the solution, however, a detailed understanding is also a must. Often, if a business wants to extend the functionality of the solution, the close involvement of IT experts is a requirement.
High Performance:
Users rate their overall performance as robust and reliable, in addition to its high visualization capabilities. On even big data, the software still works rapidly, making its strong success an important point in the collection of Tableau advantages.
Multiple Data Source Connections:
The program supports the establishment of connexions with several sources of data, such as HADOOP, SAP and DB Technologies, that increases the performance of data analytics and allows a cohesive, insightful interface to be created.
Thriving Community and Forum:
There is a steady increase in the number of Tableau users who invest their knowledge and abilities in the group. Enterprise customers will strengthen their understanding of data analysis and reporting and get a lot of valuable insight into this community. Forum visitors are also ready to assist in addressing any client concerns and to share their experience.
Mobile-Friend liness:
And there is an effective phone device available for IOS and Android, the last in our collection of core Tableau advantages. This provides Tableau clients with versatility, helps them to keep statistics at their fingertips, and enables the full functionality of the desktop and web models.
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Top Tableau Data Analytics Companies Reviews 2020 – TopDevelopers.co

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My Experience of Tableau Desktop Specialist Examination

I am working on Tableau Desktop for more than a year now. But when I started studying for certification, I quickly realized that with only the working knowledge, I cannot clear the certification. Because there are more theoretical questions in the exam, and even for hands-on questions there are many concepts that I never used in real world projects like Sets, Trend Lines, etc.

So, it took me almost a month to prepare for the examination, and I refer multiple resources like random blogs, Tableau official tutorials (paid), and a few others to prepare for it. Once I got the confidence that now I can clear the certification, only then I booked the exam on https://tableau.lcsexams.com/. There are usually many slots available even for the next day, so I booked on Friday evening for Sunday at 4 PM.

On the exam day, I have not practiced any hands-on questions. I just revised the theoretical concepts from my notes which I made while reading the blogs and that helped a lot.

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Simpliv LLC


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Use Tableau to Analyze and Visualize Data So You Can Respond Accordingly

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Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps
Convert Raw Data Into Compelling Data Visualizations Using Tableau
Because every module of this course is independent, you can start in whatever section you wish, and you can do as much or as little as you like.

Each section provides a new data set and exercises that will challenge you so you can learn by immediately applying what you’re learning.

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