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Joanne Bauch


React Firebase tutorials #1 Write/Create Data to Firestore

In this video series you can learn how to use Firebase with React.

What we will cover

1- Reactjs
2- Firebase Storage
3- Firebase Firestore
4- Framer-Motion (An animation library for Reactjs)

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are making a simple application where we will add our ecommerce products in our React App using a form.

If you are making an ecommerce site then you may come to a stage where you need to import your products through a form in your website. For that you need a backend and for this series we will use Firebase as a backend service.

This series is about ‘How you can add products in your React site using Firebase’. This series is 4 parts long.

React is used as frontend
Firebase firestore is used to store product information
Firebase storage is used to store images
Framer-Motion is used for animations

Files without animation:
(The files consist of part 1 to part 3)

Files with animations:
(part 4)

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React Firebase tutorials #1 Write/Create Data to Firestore