What Are the Top 7 Frameworks in Python?

What Are the Top 7 Frameworks in Python?

We have talked about the seven most popular Python frameworks that will surely demand your attention.

We have talked about the seven most popular Python frameworks that will surely demand your attention.

  1. Django This is image title

This happens to be an open-source framework that has been categorized under the category of full-stack frameworks. It is scalable, fast, and versatile and encompasses the attributes of routing, authorization, object-relational mapper, template engine, plus database schema migration.

This framework can work with well-known databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and 3rd-party drivers. Django can work flexibly, enabling it to scale from small to complicated web apps and develop useful MVPs. It is considered to be the most effective Python framework for machine learning.

  1. Flask

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This particular framework can be categorized under the micro-framework group of Python frameworks. Flask helps create a powerful web application base and depends on the Jinja2 template and Werkzeug WSGI toolbox.

Being appropriate for small-scale projects, it was intended for open-ended applications. It features a debugger and a built-in server for development, along with support for unit testing and Google App Engine. Companies like Pinterest and LinkedIn are making use of this framework at present.

  1. Pyramid

    This is image title

This is one of those frameworks which do not work with much complexity. It can accommodate applications of virtually any size and can create complicated applications while scaling a small app. It likewise enables URL generation. The database or templating engine of this particular framework can be swapped out mutually. It also comes with decorators and XHR views, with which it will be possible to send Ajax very easily.

  1. Bottle

This is image title This particular framework has been classified under the micro-framework group used for creating APIs. According to its name, the scope is quite small and helps create an app with as many as 500 lines of code. It provides some innovative features like templating, routing, and so on. It happens to be the ideal framework for creating personal apps and also for prototyping.

  1. CherryPy

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This framework allows the developers to create web apps in the same manner as other object-oriented programs in Python within a small amount of time. It comes with all capabilities like file uploading, session handling, cookies, static content, caching, encoding, authentication, etc. CherryPy runs different HTTP servers simultaneously on multiple ports.

  1. Web2py

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This particular framework comes with a debugger, a deployment tool, and a code editor, which helps create and debug code, test, and maintain applications. It likewise offers an exclusive ticketing system that will issue a ticket once there is an error. Web2py comes with built-in components for handling HTTP responses, requests, sessions, and cookies.

  1. Falcon

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Falcon is ideal for projects which require the coding and development of REST APIs. This framework will allow you to create apps with a clean layout, and there is no need to load plenty of dependencies for creating HTTP APIs. It also supports Cython, which enables the developers to write a highly-optimized and extensible codebase.

Get to know here features with pros and cons of Top 7 Python Frameworks: https://www.rlogical.com/blog/what-are-the-top-7-frameworks-in-python/

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