Packaging Python Classes as a Wheel

Packaging Python Classes as a Wheel

Learn how to create wheels out of Python classes, and see what the benefits of using wheels are. Let's get this wheel rolling.

Recently, while working on a project where we were using Python, I realized how easy the Java package mechanism makes it, to organize and reuse common classes and functions.

Due to my Java hangover, I organized the common classes and functions in a directory hierarchy like com.<company>.<project>.util. The util package contained a few classes for UUID creation as well as classes for date and time manipulation. After placing the files in the above-mentioned directory, I started developing the application as a micro-service. I placed the micro-service code in the directory com.<company>.<project>.<service>. While trying to use the date and time classes in the micro-service, I used the syntax from com.<company>.<project>.util.mydatetime import MyDateTime.

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