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Garmin devices do not need any introduction. If you are also using any Garmin gadget, you must know the importance of Garmin Express for hassle-free functionality of your gadget. We provide 24/7 help to solve related queries.

[Hindi] Express.js Tutorial: Build RESTful APIs with Node and Express - Part 1

Express.js Tutorial: Building RESTful APIs with Node Express. nodejs tutorial with api building with get and post methods.

How to evaluate expressions during debugging in PyCharm

In this quick video, you will learn how to select your code and execute it in the right context by using the 'evaluate expression' feature in PyCharm.

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Regular Expressions (RegEx): Plainly Explained with Cheat Sheet to Appreciate Them

Learn RegEx with my cheatsheet for Engineers and Marketers. Step by step tutorial to not to be afraid of them (and maybe enjoy them)