Generating JSON Data From an Excel File

Generating JSON Data From an Excel File

In this brief article, see how to generate JSON from an Excel file with a Java tool. Generating JSON Data From an Excel File

In the industry, there are many formats in which data can be stored. And each data format has its own limitation. In spite of there limitations, the JSON data format is very popular in the tech industry. Nowadays it is widely used everywhere. Microservices makes is very popular. But it comes with a very painful limitation. And the limitation is giving a comment. It is simply not possible to comment on a JSON file or data. And data without comment or documentation is very painful or dubious to understand or makes is difficult to make others understand. 

A developer or architect can understand the JSON data, but make it meaningful to management to understand is painful. In this situation, we need a tool that can mitigate this pain. Just like a situation, where a person has written the data required for the address of a person or locality in an excel file as the image attached

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