Shaylee  Lemke

Shaylee Lemke


Using Stopwatch and ContinueWith to Measure Task Execution Time in C#

Lately, as part of the major refactoring I’ve been writing about, my team and I have decided to introduce asynchronous programming to a project we’ve been trying to improve. For the most part, that work has been useful and relatively easy, but lately we’ve been running into an issue where several asynchronous tasks are seeming to take longer than they should. The pileup of tasks is causing us to try to determine which one is taking a while.

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Using Stopwatch and ContinueWith to Measure Task Execution Time in C#
Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Measuring Java Code Execution Time with Spring's StopWatch


Measuring code execution time is a vital step in trying to write efficient applications. Temporal awareness of your code on a machine that might be serving a great deal of users lets you plan further, accounting for the execution time.

In multi-threaded systems, it’s also useful to measure the execution time of individual Threads or asynchronous tasks.

Since there’s no built-in, convenient way to measure code execution in Java - for Spring-based solutions, we’ve been introduced to the StopWatch tool.

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at _how to measure code execution time in Java with Spring’s __StopWatch_.

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Pass method as parameter using C# | Delegates in C# | C# Bangla Tutorial | Advanced C#

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Ari  Bogisich

Ari Bogisich


Using isdigit() in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the isdigit() function in C/C++. This is a very simple way to check if any value is a digit or not. Let’s look at how to use this function, using some simple examples.

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Ari  Bogisich

Ari Bogisich


A Guide to using the strdup() function in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the strdup() function in C/C++.

The strdup() function is very useful if you want to duplicate the contents of a string onto another string.

Let’s see how we can utilize this function, using some simple examples.

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Tamale  Moses

Tamale Moses


How to Run C/C++ in Sublime Text?

C and C++ are the most powerful programming language in the world. Most of the super fast and complex libraries and algorithms are written in C or C++. Most powerful Kernel programs are also written in C. So, there is no way to skip it.

In programming competitions, most programmers prefer to write code in C or C++. Tourist is considered the worlds top programming contestant of all ages who write code in C++.

During programming competitions, programmers prefer to use a lightweight editor to focus on coding and algorithm designing. VimSublime Text, and Notepad++ are the most common editors for us. Apart from the competition, many software developers and professionals love to use Sublime Text just because of its flexibility.

I have discussed the steps we need to complete in this blog post before running a C/C++ code in Sublime Text. We will take the inputs from an input file and print outputs to an output file without using freopen file related functions in C/C++.

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