Learn Excel Pivot Tables in under an Hour | Excel Training Tutorial | Simpliv

Learn Excel Pivot Tables in under an Hour | Excel Training Tutorial | Simpliv

Microsoft Pivot Tables is a brilliant tool for analyzing loads and loads of data from huge worksheets. This course will show you how to use this tool to make sense of humungous amounts of data, which can otherwise confuse you. Learn everything about Pivot Tables from the expert, Simon Lambourne.

Description If you've been tasked with summarising a large amount of data, or need to know how to create Pivot Tables, look no further. This course will take you from the basics of what is a Pivot Table, to creating visually impressive reports with ease.

You'll be able to quickly analyse data from large worksheets into manageable reports. The course will take you through creating a Pivot Table and best practices, Grouping data to help when summarising, using powerful filtering with Slicers and illustrating your data with Pivot Charts.

Pivot Tables are a great tool to master for any situation or any role where reporting is required.

Who is the target audience?

Any Excel user who requires an introduction to Pivot Tables. You should already be familiar with the basics used to working with large amounts of data.

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