Difference Between Big Data and Hadoop | Big Data Vs Hadoop

Difference Between Big Data and Hadoop | Big Data Vs Hadoop

What is Big Data? What is Hadoop? Difference Between Big Data and Hadoop. All are answered in this article.

What is Big Data?

Internet is full of Data, and these data are available in structured and unstructured format online. The size of the Data that is generated every day is equal to 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of Data. This massive set of Data is often referred to as Big Data. It is estimated that almost 1.7 megabytes of data will be generated per second by the year 2020 by every person on earth.

A collection of data set that is very complex and large, which is very difficult to process and store using the traditional data processing application or database management tools are called Big Data. There are many challenging aspects to it, as the visualization of data, analyzing, transferring, sharing, searching, storing, curating, capturing.

The Big Data is available in three formats, and they are:

  • Unstructured: These are the data that are not structured and not easy to analyze. These types of data will include unknown Schemas such as video files or audio files etc.
  • Semi-Structured: These are the type of data in which some are structured, and some are not. It does not have a fixed format such as JSON, XML, etc.
  • Structured: These are the best type of data in terms of structuring. The Data is wholly organized with fixed schema such as RDBMS, which makes it easier to process and analyze.

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