[Blog]Why Is PHP So Popular? @Techsite

[Blog]Why Is PHP So Popular? @Techsite

Listed here are some key reasons behind the robust popularity of php app development.Consistent and gradual improvement to codebase- Over the decades, PHP has got an enhanced codebase.With time, these issues have largely been resolved.This helps in creating apps and sites using PHP, and new developers face little hardship in learning its nuances.With version 8 of PHP slated for a late 2021 release, more enhancements are on the way.Ease of learning- Web developers specialize in one or more programming languages and tools, and this also depends on their background.It works with the major web browsers smoothly.It is also easy to locate freelance PHP consultants and developers.

The web development sector has witnessed plenty of changes over the years. From the early days of manual coding with HTML to using advanced frameworks and tools that make website creation a breeze, the change has been drastic. Read the full blog here at Techsite.

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![This is image title](https://telegra.ph/file/856eae74f33107c93ca2c.jpg "This is image title") Hypertext Preprocessor, commonly known as PHP, happens to be one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages for developing web...