React Native Firebase Authentication

React Native Firebase Authentication

Using React Native we and Firebase we will perform some React Native Firebase login with Google, as well as phone, password with email and even anonymous logins.

Using react native we and firebase we will perform some react native firebase login with google, as well as phone, password with email and even anonymous logins.

React native firebase auth tutorial will cover all these. Ideally, if you want to use the rnfirebase authentication library in more detail, check out their full documentation at:

In this video we will take a look at:

  • What React Native Firebase Authentication is
  • How to install react native firebase authentication
  • Setting up extra requirements for sign in services with Firebase
  • Performing a firebase auth anonymous login example
  • Performing a react native login with email and password
  • Performing a google sign in using firebase
  • Performing a phone verification login with verification code sign in

There are more methods than just this, such as using social media sign-in methods, and you can take a look at these too if you wish via the documentation.

Be aware you will need to original react native firebase app module installed in order to use these sign in methods.


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