A detailed comparison between Flutter vs Xamarin

A detailed comparison between Flutter vs Xamarin

A detailed comparison between Flutter vs Xamarin: What is Flutter and Xamarin, pros & cons, which one to choose between Flutter vs Xamarin, and more.

Are you an entrepreneur or an IT leader in an enterprise undertaking a mobile app development project? Why does the Flutter vs Xamarin comparison matter for you?

You are likely weighing between various development approaches and technologies. You can take the native development route. This offers the best user experience, performance, and app security. You need to develop entirely separate applications for Android and iOS though, which involve entirely different skills. Two teams, two codebases, and more maintenance efforts make this an expensive option.

The other option is cross-platform development, where you use one technology solution to develop both Android and iOS apps. You expedite development. Furthermore, you reduce development and maintenance costs. 

Let’s assume that you opted for cross-platform mobile development. You are evaluating frameworks and SDKs. Flutter and Xamarin are two prominent options, and you are wondering which one to choose. 

In this guide, we compare Flutter vs Xamarin. We provide brief introductions to both. Subsequently, we discuss their pros and cons. A comparison follows. Finally, we suggest when to use Xamarin vs Flutter.

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