5 API’s To Integrate In A Cryptocurrency Exchange

5 API’s To Integrate In  A Cryptocurrency Exchange

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API is the acronym of Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules that describes how two applications interact with each other. In cryptocurrency trading, an API connects you with your exchange, that gives you access to real-time market data, manage your accounts, and more. What is API? As said above, an API is an Application Programming Interface, is just a set of protocols and a way through which programs talk with each other. This API is created by developers on the server and clients can talk to that API anytime. It is sometimes termed as a contract between both the information provider and information receiver that establish content that is required from the consumer and the content required by the producer. REST API REST API stands for Representational State Transfer API which was created by Roy Fielding. A REST API which is also known as RESTful API is an API or Application Programming Interface that allows for interaction with RESTful web services and conforms to the constraints of REST architectural style. API developers can implement REST in a variety of ways. When a client request is made through the REST API, it transfers the representation of the state of the requested information to the receiver or endpoint. This resource is transferred in one of the several formats via HTTP. Trading Bot APIs Cryptocurrency Trading Bots are automated software that lets anyone buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time without any involvement of manpower. The crypto trading bots check the market price and execute the trade at the perfect time without the trader’s presence. The goal of this software is to increase the revenue and reduce the losses and risks in the cryptocurrency exchanges. Many Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, integrate Trading Bot API to help their traders to make automated trading at the right time. These applications enable users to manage all of their crypto exchange accounts in a single place. We Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Company to integrate the trading Bot APIs from Binance, Kraken, and other popular crypto exchange platforms in our cryptocurrency exchange script with which you can launch your own crypto exchange platform that supports crypto trading bot. This API allows users to trade ETH, LTC, BTC, and more with ease. Price Ticker API The Price Ticker API or Price Index API or Market API is ideal for tracking price changes and exchange rates of cryptocurrencies. There are many free cryptocurrency and Bitcoin API available in the market which anyone can integrate into their cryptocurrency exchanges.

This Ticker API returns all the relevant data or information related to the price of cryptocurrencies such as Name, Symbol, Code, Decimals, Price 24 Hours High, Price 24 Hours Low, Price 24 Hours, Total Volume 24 hours, Total Supply 24 Hours, and more for any of the cryptocurrency or any specific crypto pairs.

Merchant API Merchant API is one that provides merchant solutions such as order, payments, checkouts, and catalog APIs for any top merchant or cryptocurrency exchanges to the integrated exchange platform. This Merchant API can help traders to make orders, payments, and transactions easily with easy steps and procedures. Liquidity APIs In the world of cryptocurrency, liquidity is an important aspect and it refers to the probability or ability to convert any digital currencies into fiat currencies with no effects on the general stability of the prices. Integrating liquidity in the cryptocurrency exchange can bring you many benefits such as Fair Price Range, Fast Transactions, and more. The importance of the term liquidity in the cryptocurrency exchange is huge and the platform with fewer liquidity issues can yield a high volume of trading and traders. Know more APIs here -> Top 5 Important API’s That Empowers A Cryptocurrency Exchange

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