AWS Solution Architect Associate - AWS Authorized Training Partner- Vinsys

AWS Solution Architect Associate - AWS Authorized Training Partner- Vinsys

Become AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate with AWS Authorized Training Provider. Enroll For a Brighter Career.

AWS Introduction

AWS is not only the most mature cloud provider in the cloud computing industry but also has set a benchmark for its certifications. They have various role-based certifications as well as exams, through which they impart cloud computing skills.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the most often queries regarding AWS certifications such as ‘How can you get AWS certification?’, ‘How much amount of time it requires to get AWS certification?’, ‘How much is the money expenditure for being AWS certified?’, and ‘what is the significance of AWS training?’

What is the significance of AWS certification? Everyone out there knows that in today’s cat race world how difficult it is to achieve the highest position in an organization. However, it is possible when the individual has developed extraordinary skills such as AWS developer, AWS solution architect, and much more.

First of all, the future of business technology is just so predictable and that is ‘cloud’. Why? It is because the cloud is fast, economical, and advanced with better features compared to conventional technologies. Secondly, demanded skills are always about more money, isn’t it?

Thirdly, with the help of AWS certification, your resume would be more recognized over others, as AWS god of a cloud computing platform. is it so? Additionally, this certification opens you the door where you can become an AWS partner for the organization.

How can you get AWS certification? Unfortunately, there are no set-in-concrete steps for achieving the AWS certification. But to boost it up, the following are the most strategically define steps one can follow to become AWS certified.

Firstly, you have to get enrolled in an AWS certification training class based on whichever certification you want to apply for. Secondly, check out the study and exam details. It depends on you that either you are opting for online or offline training classes, both of them are beneficial in their way. In the offline training, guides for studying and exam schedules will be provided. Whereas, in online training, you can go through certain sections where all the information is available. Be sure that you are well updated on the AWS whitepaper. The whitepaper is all about introducing the AWS tools and service which are a perfect fit for NET development as well as deployment. You need to explore and use the AWS cloud platform to get a basic idea about it. Lastly, when your training classes have been completed, schedule the exam date. How much time duration to get AWS Certification? This depends on which certification you are applying for and based on that time varies from person to person or say certification to certification. For instance, if the person has more AWS experience then he or she will pass the certification in less time, or if the chosen certification period is short then it would end in less time.

In case, if the participant is new to this cloud computing platform and has basic IT experience, then it would take a maximum of up to 90-100 hours of dedicated preparation. How would that participant divide these 90 hours would totally depend on them!

What are the role-based AWS Certifications? As for now, AWS offers in total 11 certification courses which are categorized based on industry job roles in the cloud domain.

The job roles cloud domain are:

  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud developer
  • DevOps engineer

Types of AWS Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: This certification comes under the foundational level. It is considered an entry-level certification for AWS. Generally, this certification is all about understanding the AWS cloud and cloud computing skills.

AWS Certified Developer: By this certification, a candidate would get to know about AWS SDK and how to use it while interacting with AWS services. This certification would give validation to the candidate’s ability to develop as well as maintain certain applications on the AWS platform.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: If you have some experience in building and deploying an application in the AWS cloud then it is very easy to earn this certification.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: This certification would validate the ability to acquire a high degree of technical skills as well as experience in designing AWS-based applications.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: This certification would validate the ability of the automation process and the continuous delivery of the DevOps stage. The exam duration is about 170 minutes.

Category of Certifications Depending Upon the Difficulty Level Foundational: This certification exam is not mandatory but it is highly recommended as this would impart you basic cloud computing skills. Associate: This is considered mandatory for clearing the associate-level exams to move on to the next level of certification. Professional: This is the much advanced level and most demanded in the cloud computing-based industries. Specialty: Specialty level of training is all about testing the skills that are required for a particular technology such as advanced networking, big data, security, and machine learning. To learn such skills, there are particular certification courses for each of them that are as followed:

  • AWS Certified Big data
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • AWS Certified Security
  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning

Bottom-line Thus, above everything regarding how to make your career bright with the help of AWS trends 2021. Yes, these Amazon Web Services Certifications are really helpful so, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the highest position in an organization.

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