Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

The concept is simple: Taking traditional financial products that are currently operated by banks, funds, etc. and putting them on the blockchain and making them accessible for everyone.

For people in the crypto space this is obvious since Bitcoin, the first DeFi application, was made especially for separating money from governments. In this article you will, however, learn about other aspects of decentralization – decentralized web, decentralized web crawlers and what the role crypto might play in this exciting new area.

But how is the internet working nowadays?

Everything is connected to big datacenters which are operated by large corporations, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or governments. This is called a star topology where many clients (like you browsing on Facebook or TikTok) are connected to one central server (e.g. Google, Amazon AWS, etc.) that delivers the content to your phone.

Now, why is that an issue?

Imagine, talking to your friend on some sensitive matter but instead of talking to them face to face privately, you have to hand each message to a third party that then gives it to your friend.

Even if the message you are sending is encrypted, there can always be problems like one party messing up the encryption or other exploits. Apart from that, the party in the middle can easily censor or modify your message. E.g. ISPs or governments banning sites like it happened in China with Google.

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