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SEO friendly Letgo Clone Script

Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to start a classifieds business platform with exuberant features at minimal cost? Now, to give wings to your dreams, you must be wise to plan your online classifieds business and execute it.

Be smart to opt for a Letgo clone solution rather than deciding to get an app built from scratch. Not all typical Letgo clone solutions will help you arrive at your desired online platform at ease.

So, look for an authentic Letgo clone solution only at a renowned and trustworthy web and mobile app development company to develop your desired online classifieds platform.

So, making use of a ready made Letgo clone solution that’s carefully developed and has been through a rigorous testing process is the prime need.

Therefore, to say it in a nutshell, you should choose a ready made Letgo clone solution to develop an efficiently performing classified site with an enhanced user experience.

Thus, get connected with Appkodes and make use of their ready-made Letgo clone solution to earn customer satisfaction, which will bring repeat sale that counts.

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SEO friendly Letgo Clone Script

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Letgo Clone | Letgo Clone App | Buy and Sell Classified Marketplace Script

The reseller e-commerce business has become the talk of the town. The reason for the huge eminence of reseller e-commerce in today’s world is due to the benefits it assures. With a robust and user-friendly app, your reseller e-commerce business is sure to take you places.

Before stepping out to invest in the reseller e-commerce business, consider launching an app like Letgo that is armed with several rich features. In this blog, you will get to know the list of features of the app that will make your reseller business a sure-shot success.

Inventory management- Sellers can restock and manage the inventory without any hassles.

Catalog management- Sellers can sort and group their products under categories. Also, sellers can add or remove products from the catalog in just a few taps.

Diverse payment options- The app offers users with multiple payment options with which they can make their payments by choosing the convenient payment option.

Push notifications- The push notifications are integral in keeping users up-to-date with your app. Alerts regarding new product arrival, offers, updates, etc. can be sent via push notifications.

These are the features that will give an extraordinary user experience. Let us next learn about the revenue model of the app.

Commission fees- Sellers who get orders via your app will pay commission fees. Associating with multiple sellers will amplify the revenue through commission fees.

Promotional content- You can promote sellers’ products on your app under the digital banner section.

Premium services- You can allow access to certain advanced features on a paid basis to users. Formulate monthly or yearly subscription plans so that users can choose their convenient plan.


The Letgo clone script is the best reseller e-commerce app to invest in. Head towards to find the app developer who has experience in building clone apps with robust functional models.

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Anna Lois


Classibuy - Letgo clone script from MindLeef

Aspiring to launch the top trending classified marketplace to reach buyers and sellers globally?

Verily our pre-made Letgo clone script with flutter app technology with a lot more reliable features will get you the pace to stride in your online buy and sell platform.

Check out our best classifieds script

Effective readymade clone scripts | Top-notched classifieds and eCommerce marketplace solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Letgo Clone | Best Letgo Clone Script | Letgo Clone App

Are you looking to build a top-tier buy-sell marketplace that allows the users to connect with the local sellers directly? Then PassUp is for you - Trioangle’s letgo clone script. An online buy-sell marketplace is a bridge that fills the gap between the local buyers and sellers to buy or sell the desired products. Users can discover the best-priced nearby products with a few clicks and a couple of swipes.

Sellers list their products on the classified marketplaces and the interested buyer interacts with the respective seller for more information. If they are satisfied with the quality of the product and pricing then make the purchase. Our script is a white-label solution, you can quickly rebrand the app with the branding elements of your business and launch it instantly.


Trioangle is one of the best web and mobile app development companies in the market, which provides ready-made letgo clone scripts for entrepreneurs to start their own business instantly. Scripts like Airbnb clone, Uber clone, UberEats clone, Instacart clone, Gojek clone, Tinder clone, Fancy clone, Postmate clone, JustEat clone, Drizly clone, etc are available. Our online classified scripts support both desktop and mobile (android & iOS) available for you at an affordable price, designed using advanced technology, and all the essential features are integrated with the script.

Benefits Of Letgo Clone Script

  • Our letgo clone is a ready-made script available for entrepreneurs to start their business instantly when developing a script consumes the entrepreneur’s time & more cost.
  • The letgo clone app is free to use for users to buy or sell anything.
  • Buyers can interact with the seller easily using the chat option
  • Users can easily sign-up using their phone numbers, email, or social logins. Also, they can share offerings with their social friends easily.
  • Both the buyer and seller can check for the list of products available at the best prices.
  • Users can make online payments in secure mode - online transactions medium like PayPal & stripe available. With our script admin can integrate the crypto wallet payment method which is an additional feature available under customization.
  • Sellers can post advertisements free for their listing and can make multiple listings using their register account.

Revenue Model of Classified Business

Entrepreneurs can earn more revenue using the classified script in some ways,

  • Transaction fees: Though the app is free, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be profitable. For every successful purchase, users have to pay a certain amount to the admin. Admin can add a certain percentage for every product.
  • Promotional fees: Admin can charge sellers an amount for displaying their product listing to the top of the result page in such a way that many buyers can see it.
  • Service fee: Also, they can charge a service fee from the final product’s sold price.
  • Google Adsense: This is one of GOOGLE’s tools that helps to earn revenue for displaying the ads in the app’s empty space.

If you want to start your own online classified business with our letgo clone script then contact us for more information Whatsapp at 6379630152 or Email at You can also check our free demo using the link -

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Reign Supreme Over The Classified Marketplace With Letgo Clone

You can now effectively transform the way people buy and sell things. No more word-of-mouth and no more high-budget advertising. Let them buy and sell the unused products easily without any hassles, using the Letgo Clone app. They can browse, connect, negotiate and finish the deal at the best price. No restrictions for the buyer to become a seller at any time.

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Letgo clone app: A simple platform to sell and buy items online

With the advent of digital technology, there are new methods of establishing a business online. One such platform is Letgo. It is a C2C marketplace to sell products. Letgo app was launched by Alec Oxenford, the former CEO of OLX in January 2015. Before going on with developing an app like Letgo, it is important to understand the working of Letgo:

How to use the Letgo app?

It is one of the successful marketplaces that allow people to purchase products from reliable customers. After understanding the app’s workflow, developers can easily understand the key attributes of it and build the Letgo clone app efficiently.

Letgo app allows users to purchase a wide range of products from shoes, cars, sports goods, gardening-related tools, and many more. For posting the ad, users must log in via email, Facebook, or using Google Plus. The details such as name, profile picture, and other details are directly imported by the app to increase your trustworthiness to prospective buyers.

For every ad, users can post upto five images along with a description for every image. The buyers can connect with the users and come to an arrangement. The main difference between Letgo and other online C2C marketplace apps is that this app only allows users to sell through direct communication. Therefore it is not possible to ship the goods. Sellers may courier their goods but the app does not provide any provision for that. It encourages people to buy and sell within the locality they belong to. This is one of the significant aspects that attract more customers to the app like Letgo is that they can view the product before purchasing it.

People prefer these apps as they offer a reasonable price for products that are almost brand new. Entrepreneurs can get Letgo clone apps from Appdupe and enjoy the perks offered by online business.

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