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The popularity of video streaming and entertainment apps has been on the rise for a while now, but it practically shot through the roof once the pandemic started. This has then rightly put the focus on some key aspects of such services, especially UX, i.e. the experience of accessing the content on offer. Because no matter how vast your collection or how good the content is, it wouldn’t matter with a sub-par UX.
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Before we delve further into this topic, let us quickly walk you through some of the key mediums of engagement for such apps and websites:
1. Laptops and/or desktops
2. Mobile websites
3. Mobile app and/or smart TVs
Now, some handy tips to improve such offerings.

1. **Selection of content**: One of the most common grouse users of such services tend to have is the lack of a proper selection of content. Sure, while a handful of service providers (read: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) seem to have a humongous catalog of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., the fact remains that most other players in the market are not even close to having such an extensive collection. Some research has shown that platforms such as Disney Plus could do a better job in this context and thus, gain better ratings for their service.

2. **Better interface**: Now, the concept of video streaming and entertainment apps is decidedly not new. However, we must admit that in the overall scheme of things, it is still a little bit of a new phenomenon and most providers have a long way to go. Then there’s also the fact that behemoths such as Netflix and Amazon Prime seem to have mostly cracked the code, thus setting rather high standards in the industry and compelling comparisons. To cut a long story short, yet another key area that offers ample scope for improvement for a large number of such apps and services in the market is the interface. Remember folks, refinement is the key here. 

3. **Avoid excessive ads**: At one point in time, YouTube was the mothership of all video content and ruled supreme. Then the ads started. Oh God, and there were and continue to be so many of them. Unfortunately, this trend of ads has also made its way into other video streaming and entertainment website’s strategies. Admittedly, it is an important source of revenue, but one must remember to be tactful with how you go about integrating ads within your service.

There is no denying that the overall levels of UX when it comes to entertainment and video streaming apps have evolved and improved considerably over the years. Nonetheless, several studies and reports have repeatedly demonstrated that there is still plenty of scope for improvement. Plus, with the evolving circumstances in the market and the boom in demand for such apps and services ever since the pandemic started, companies in this sector have a virtual treasure of opportunities at their hands.

Now, as the above discussion demonstrates, it is only a matter of perfecting the UX to win a bigger share in this increasingly cut-throat market. While the aforementioned tips ought to come in handy, experts still recommend engaging the services of a trusted media software development company. Their expertise and skill set will help deliver just the kind of product that is primed to succeed in the current market.

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Media and Entertainment Software Solutions Company

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We deliver custom software solutions for entertainment companies, digital agencies, and content providers. Cleveroad

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