Glitch Brings 'View Source' Philosophy to React, Node.js

Glitch Brings 'View Source' Philosophy to React, Node.js

Part of Glitch’s appeal to web application developers is that it brings back the 1990s “view source” spirit for today’s web. Glitch Brings ‘View Source’ Philosophy to React, Node.js - glitch #React #NodeJS

What does it mean to be a developer in 2021? If you use a no-code tool and build an app entirely by drag and drop, does that make you a developer? What if you “remix” (i.e. copy) an existing web app on  Glitch and change a few bits of code in it — does that mean you can call yourself a developer?

Those developers who live and breathe C++, or who spend their days manipulating the DOM with JavaScript, may well look down their noses at no-coders and Glitch remixers. And it’s true that being a developer does not necessarily mean you’re a software programmer. But there’s also no denying the ever-increasing power of both no-code tools and Glitch, when it comes to developing web applications.

Glitch, a browser-based app creation tool, recently  announced that it now enables users to create a full-stack web application “in under a minute.” As Glitch CEO  Anil Dash informed me, this is “faster than you could build it using no-code tools or site builders.”

The speed is due to new, ready-to-go templates for a React app, a Node server-based app, or an Eleventy website (one of the more popular static site generator tools). Granted, the templates are all very basic — the Node app template, for instance, is for a simple color-picking app. But they are a starting point for developers, professional or amateur, to create websites or apps using the popular web development frameworks we hear about every day: React, Node.js, Eleventy.

“Glitch has had the ability to build apps in the browser for years,” said Dash, “but what’s new is the huge leap in performance to be able to build these sites in under a minute, and what’s unique is that they’re using totally standard frameworks, with the ability to customize the build process or even create a full-stack app.”

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