Best 3 Tips to How to Hire The Best Software Developers

Best 3 Tips to How to Hire The Best Software Developers

Best 3 tips to how to hire the best software developers - Are you tired of unproductive interviews? We know how to hire highly-skilled and professional software developers.

It has been estimated that 90% of startups fail. And within such common reasons as lack of planning, emotional pricing, and wasted advertising budget there is one more driving reason that you can omit even before launching your startup — incompetence of developers.

Incompetence is a collective concept and might denote a lack of knowledge or experience, inability to write code, or writing a code that is hard to maintain, suffering from lack of productivity or not delivering on time. If any of the meanings of the word “incompetent” can be applied to a software engineer, the truth is that you don’t need such an engineer. Whether you are hiring software developers for a small startup or a large multi-million project — you should understand a golden rule: an awesome developer is ten times more efficient than an average one, so it’s definitely not a thing to save on. But even if you are emotionally and financially ready to hire software developers that charge a lot, please mind, unless you have a genie to grant your wishes, it will take effort to win in this war for talent.

We prepared for you some helpful tips on how to hire software developers unless you have a genie, of course.

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