How to retrieve SQL identity using a TableAdapter Insert Command?

How to retrieve SQL identity using a TableAdapter Insert Command?

VS 2017 VB.NET 4.6.1

VS 2017 VB.NET 4.6.1

I have created a Data Source using the standard wizard and a stored procedure to fetch the data. I have edited the data source and added an Insert Command using a Stored Procedure to perform the insert. I want to return the Scope_Identity that is generated by the stored procedure to my VB application.

I've added an extra out Output variable using the Parameters Collection Editor and the stored procedure but I'm not having any luck. I do not want to code the entire tableadapter as I have 71 parameters and I do not relish typing them all out.

Perhaps this isn't doable but it doesn't hurt to ask. If anyone has some information or insight I would be most grateful.

Thank you!

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