How to Add Google Tag Manager to WordPress

How to Add Google Tag Manager to WordPress

Tutorial to Add Google Tag Manager to WordPress

I’ll show you how to add google tag manager to WordPress. Personally, I love Google Tag Manager, or in short GTM. And if you are a marketeer, you should too. GTM 👉

Because it enables us not to rely on developers for smaller things like installing google analytics to our site, or Facebook pixel, or any of the hundreds of other tools. With GTM we keep the control and speeds things up.

Google tag manager by itself doesn’t do much, but it’s just like a little container on your website, where you can inject additional code, without needing any developers or code deployments. You can manage everything yourself in GTM.

00:00 What are we going to do 00:23 Sign up or log in to Google Tag Manager 00:40 Choose Web container & create a new account 02:21 Install Google Tag Manager for WordPress 03:07 Get GTM ID 03:45 Check that it works 04:42 Why this plugin is great in the long term

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