Stargate Data Gateway Brings REST, JSON, GraphQL APIs to Cassandra

Stargate Data Gateway Brings REST, JSON, GraphQL APIs to Cassandra

Stargate Data Gateway Brings REST, JSON, GraphQL APIs to Cassandra. Stargate is the world's first open source API data gateway, according to the company.

Over the past six months, DataStax has made a number of moves to make its open source  Apache Cassandra more accessible. First, the company launched a cloud-based database-as-a-service version of Cassandra with  Astra, taking away the pain of installing and managing your own database instance. Then, the company  released K8ssandra, again taking aim at some of those same pain points, but this time with a focus on Kubernetes. Now, DataStax has said that  Stargate, its open-source API framework for data introduced earlier this summer, is generally available and brings with it API access via REST, JSON, and GraphQL to Cassandra, wherever and however it may be run.

In  promotional material, the company calls Stargate the “first open source API data gateway for modern data applications.”

“We started off the year and asked why aren’t more people using Cassandra? The feedback is that, even though it is powerful, it’s challenging to run and it’s hard to develop for. Bringing it to the cloud, and bringing it to Kubernetes, made it easier to run, but we really wanted to make it a lot easier to develop for. To that end, we kicked off an open source project earlier this year called Stargate that brings the APIs that developers are using to the Cassandra world,” explained  Ed Anuff, chief product officer with DataStax. “Introducing this key piece of open source, and having it live within our cloud service, makes it possible for any developer to be able to build, very quickly, modern full-stack apps, using these modern APIs.”

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