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Interesting facts and special features to consider during the development of YouTube clone

YouTube is a widely acclaimed video streaming and video sharing platform. It is used all over the world, irrespective of the age group. Being a user-centric platform, it offers content that is preferred by people of every cadre. In order to develop an app like YouTube, it is essential to offer all the features and provisions of the popular platform, YouTube.

Some interesting statistics about YouTube

  • It has 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Among this, 81% percent of the people belong to the age-group of 15-25 years.

  • According to the analytics site, Hootsuite, almost 15% of the YouTube traffic comes from the US.

  • It is estimated at 70% of people watch content on YouTube based on the recommendation algorithm.

  • In the US alone, YouTube will make $5.5 million through advertisements in 2020.

Attractive features to incorporate in YouTube clone

An app like YouTube was popular mainly because of its uniqueness and vast content it offers. These are some of the major aspects to reciprocate in the YouTube clone.

  • Home: Once the users open the clone app, this section would be visible. It has videos and stories suggested based on the watch history, subscriptions, liked/commented videos, and so on. Users can also locate the videos from the search tab.

  • Trending: As the name suggests, the trending section consists of most-watched videos from various categories such as music, entertainment, sports, etc.

  • Library: The library has watch history, liked videos, labeled categories, and downloaded videos. These downloaded videos stay intact as long as there is a proper Internet connection every 29 days.

  • Inbox: It is a place where all notifications and alerts are stored. Notifications from subscribed channels are saved here. Users are notified if there are new likes or comments for the videos they have uploaded.

Apps like YouTube are going to be evergreen. Choose the best app development company like Appdupe to get the YouTube clone script.

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Interesting facts and special features to consider during the development of YouTube clone